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Server Tools v.19.4.1 (HB Edition) + prereleased GUI


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Booooya !

maybe some of you already know (dmustanger started - OC continued) *ServerTools.

server tools


I finished a Desktop application (gui) to administrate your 7 days to die server remotely and also made a lot of changes on additional features for v.18.4.

-> Scroll down to latest version and visit my Discord 🙂



**GUI** -> (Please notice: ONLY FOR VIPs* currently!)





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8 hours ago, Aribo said:

Its in bold above your question mate UNDERLINDED 7dtd-ServerTools (HB edition)

Except that link doesn't go to the project this thread is about. It's a different repo. You have to go to his Discord server and use the !sendfile latest command, but his BOT doesn't seem to be allowing anyone to get it right now. Maybe because it hasn't been updated in some time?

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