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TNT Mining


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I was just thinking how great of an idea being able to take explosives to mining.


Recipe Idea:

Keg of gunpowder - Wood + Gunpowder (I don't know, like 500gunpowder)

TNT : Paper, gunpowder and a fuse. (bundles of sticks of dynamite like 4 or 5) - could maybe also be able to use timers?

Plunger: Detonation


The idea I had was basically having a keg in somewhere inside a mountain, wire up to the plunger and being able to detonate it from afar.

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Yeah, I and others have asked for this in the past in various threads, sadly nothing has come of it yet.



IRL- breaking of ore and stone is done with explosives, not ice augers lol.

In 7d2d You can mine with explosives now but you get very very little ore (most of the ore will be lost if you do this) so I don't recommend it unless clearing a large area for an underground base or something.


Explosive mining would be a fun compliment to pickaxes and augers, hopefully someday they do this.

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Falling terrain blocks (ore) still creates resources that can be picked up.


Falling terrain blocks also sometimes create terrain blocks when they fall down and existing "loose" resources are at this point underground and continue falling to the bottom of the world.

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