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Friends Cant Find My Server


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i created a server using the steam tools dedicated server software and everything seemed to work great until my friends try to join my game. when they search for the game it doesnt show up for them in steam, unless im already playing. ive seen this question once or twice in these forums but they seemed to end before a suggestion was posted. im asking here to see if anyone can suggest a fix for what ive done wrong. i will assume this is 100% operator error!


- game appears for me no issue.

- i forward TCP and UDP 26900-26906 and 8080-8083

- i run the server on 1 computer and my game play on another, both on same router


im sorry, i know just enough about this to cause problems.... which i succeeded at!! any other helpful info needed im happy to add


i thank you all for your time trying to help me out :)

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