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Armor and Clothing Feedback for A17.2


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I asked my pals a question. "Lets say that if you took all 5 ranks in the heavy armor perk and you then put on the best armor in the game, you would become invincible. Would you regularly run around in that armor?"


Answer was no.


This is a problem. Armor is not just for horde night. Obviously we want to be wearing armor at all times. The game stage increases and doesn't care about what you are wearing. You will start running in to radiated zombies. You will be jumped by 5 vultures on a roof. You need armor. So why wouldn't I wear it even if it made me invincible?


Armor is a serious PITA to wear. It sucks away movement speed and stamina regen like nobodies business, and provides ZERO temperature control in most cases. If I wear a full set of armor I may not be chewed to death by zombies. But I will be annoyed to death by game mechanics. And while I could understand that at level 1, it is baffling to me that there seems to be almost no way to mitigate these things. Mods are too rare and ineffectual.


1) What on earth is with the perks? Why do these provide flat boosts to defense? Doesn't that mean you have to balance the armor to be far less inherently rewarding because you have to account for the eventual boosting of defense from perks? If I'm going to dress up like Oscar the Grouch and move at snail speed I at least want to know I'm well defended as a result. But it's less impactful than it should be without these arbitrary perks that magically make the steel harder. And again, even if it made me invincible, I still wouldn't wear it. These perks should make armor more convenient to wear. Reduce move speed penalty and stamina drain. Or if you're married to the idea of perks that give flat defense, then at least introduce a whole new perk tree that does this. And maybe they could add some heat/cold resist? Though I would prefer a different solution to that problem.


2) Give clothes quality. Have it provide more heat and cold resist based on that. Quality doesn't need to mean mods. And for the love of trader Joel, let me craft some of that crap. It's hysterical that I can build a full set of military armor but I can't figure out how to engineer myself a T-shirt. Give me a whole separate crafting tree of perks if you want them to be that hard to access, but just give me SOME way of doing it. I can't help it if the random gen gives me endless deserts or snow to work with. Give me a way to make myself some clothes in a pinch if I have to.


3) On quality and mods in general: I really don't feel like having so many mod slots is the best way to go about things. I feel like it would be better to halve the number of mod slots and make every other rank of quality improve the statistics of the item slightly. It feels like there's not even enough unique mods to fill the slots on most quality 6 items anyways. And I would hope mods are a customization thing. Not just a flat upgrade where you equip every single one you see. I'd rather there be 6 mods for my pistol, but I can only use 3, and my choices change what that pistol does for me and how I want to use it.

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...I really don't feel like having so many mod slots is the best way to go about things. I feel like it would be better to halve the number of mod slots and make every other rank of quality improve the statistics of the item slightly...


I agree, but I'd also suggest that the mods require a certain level of base quality. That high end scope that indicates range is great, but it also expects your weapon's mounts to still be be close to factory tolerances (i.e. blue quality) in order to attach it. The bayonet is very useful, but your weapon needs to be structurally sound (at least yellow) to affix it.




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Maybe it's just me, but I have insulated liner/cooling mesh/armor +/noise -/extra carry mods on each armor item (plus the armor specific mods like bandolier, spiked knuckles, impact bracing, helmet light, water purifier). Here's to hoping they add more. I agree with you on your point about reducing stamina drain and movement speeds. A bonus to maxing out the strength attribute could be negating these armor penalties.

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