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Workbench "hitbox"


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When painting, the workbench takes every inch of its hitbox so you can't paint underneathe nor behind unless you pick it up and then paint then put it back down. The chem station, which is bulkier, has no issues. Can TFP's do something about this please?

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The workbench would be designed to accommodate a person standing at it.


The Chem station on the other hand would likely have someone working with equipment that might require boiling, distilling, adjusting, etc. which can all be done sitting in place. Since some of those people would be women, the station would likely include a Modesty Panel to visually shield the compromised hemlines of their skirts/dresses.


This barrier would also prevent any easy access to the wall behind the station, so painting is out of the question.







(This has been a public service announcement from Morloc and The Dark Ages.)




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