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Marksman Magazine Extender Comes Up Short


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While I appreciate the effort of an added 2 rounds to my clip for the marksman rifle, I have to think... Who in their right mind would actually buy a +2 round clip at a gun store for a weapon in real life? As a product, a clip that adds 2 rounds to a gun's capacity would totally fail in the market vs. the competition. I mean, what's the point? It's taken me 90 days just to find one of these things and that's all the benefit I get? Doesn't make sense. Great for the other guns, however.

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If it had a 10 rd clip to start, going to 15 would make more sense.


Although, changing the mod to be 100% instead of 50 would work too. (think taping 2 clips together kinda thing)


Then again, 5 rds would be for a .50 cal, for .308? um, should be 20. (think the FN here), and yes, there are 30 rd clips for that.

So... change 5 to 20, issue solved and more realistic based on the weapon.


Then with the burst mod, bipod, mag, you get 10 bursts. (FN C1A1 to FN C2A1 semi to full)

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