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Could we get a modded option for skill progression?


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I know its the opinion of someone on the dev team (probs madmole) to have level restrictions and limit progression and such.


Im just here to ask for a modded option for it.


Many people both on streams and in game would like to be able to craft most things by week 2-3 instead of 3-4. This is usually because these folk just play to do one thing or theme like, survive as long as possible on one life, clear the building in 24hr, ect and are generally just looking to have fun with zombies rather than play a survival game.


I was wondering if itd be possible to just have a 'vanilla' progression option and a 'expedited' option.

Vanilla keeps progression the way it currently sits.

Expedited removes all level req except steel, tool crafting and vehicles. Steel being req lvl 30 to craft and no change to craft own tools.


This way everyone can have what they want and do what they want with the game which, i think is a primary goal; everyone can mod it to play the way they want and have fun the way they want. :)

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