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Jarls Estate (Viking) - incl. Download


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Eihwaz Geht?! I proudly present you my "Jarl's Estate" in the late Viking style. The building is not 100% authentic but very detailed. The Prefab comes with Mesh Files, Sleeper and Quest as a free download. In the attached README is a description of how to fit the house correct in the Navezgane.


(in description)





No reupload without permission. No commercial use.

Feel free to use it for your private game or server.




Thanks to

TopMinder, Andy, Pille & Fehu


Do you speak german? Join our Discord:

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as discussed in the chat Cpt Krunch can use the prefab for his project. You can also use it guppy, because I can also safely use your resources for the radiated zombie fix for my multiplayer mod, or? :02.47-tranquillity: (google translater)

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