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Alpha 18 Dev Diary!!


Alpha 18 Dev Diary!!  

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Hey everyone we're still fixing bugs and working on Alpha 17. But some of us (artists and world builders) are moving on to Alpha 18. That said, here are a few features I can confirm. We will update this post with more content as it comes. Alpha 17 took way too long. BUT, it was a huge framework build and now we are done changing major systems and done adding framework. From here forward its optimizations, bug fixes, polish, and new content, in that order of priority.


Confirmed features:

Book overhaul:

The truth is we ran out of time with A17 and lost all our books to the new perk system. One of the goals of the new perk system was to not have major content or character classes/ roleplays being blocked by random number generation or "can't find this book to craft a bike, etc". So we achieved that but books were always fun to find. So I've created over 100 (possibly 130 ish) new books that permanently unlock a perk. They are not super powerful but designed to augment your perk investment and make you feel a little more specialized. Each book set once you read all of them unlocks a special collector perk that IS quite POWERFUL. Here are a few examples:


Enforcer Books

Enforcer: Damage Do 5% more damage with magnums

Enforcer: Apparel Take 5% less damage when wearing a suit

Enforcer: Unlucky Punks Do you feel lucky? The last shot does double damage

Enforcer: Intimidation Bartering with a magnum drawn gives you a 5% better deal.

Enforcer: Ammunition Vendors have more magnum ammo for sale

Enforcer: Corrupt Cops Do 5% more damage to cops

Enforcer: Bulk ammunition Bulk craft 44 Magnum ammunition

Enforcer Collector perk Shots from magnums have a high chance to dismember


The Great Heist Books


The Great Heist: Safes Do 10% more damage to safes.

The Great Heist: Gems & Jewels Find more jewelry and precious gems in safes.

The Great Heist: C4 Can craft C4 which does massive damage to doors and safes with minimal structural damage or heat map. C4 is made from scrap iron, scrap polymers, gunpowder and acid.

The Great Heist: Claimed! Do 20% more damage to land claimed property.

The Great Heist: Adrenaline Fall Can fall up to 30 meters without taking damage when carrying 5000 or more dukes.

The Great Heist: Sprint Sneaking Use no stamina from sprint sneaking.

The Great Heist Collection Perk Adds a chance to sneak past auto turrets

A couple new books and we're trying out some lower case fonts.


Automatic Weapons


Automatic Weapons: Damage Automatic weapons do 5% more damage

Automatic Weapons: Uncontrolled Burst Fully automatic mode does 1% more damage per hit until you miss.

Automatic Weapons: Maintenance 50% less degradation

Automatic Weapons: Rifleman Increases range of controlled bursts by 20 meters

Automatic Weapons: Recoil Reduces recoil significantly

Automatic Weapons: Incendiary ammo Can craft short range explosive rounds, great for raiding buildings and doing mass damage up close.

Automatic Weapons Collection Perk Successive shots to the same target have a high chance of dismemberment


There are books based on every major play style and focused on every weapon. We will probably remove the existing perk books, but keep the ingredient based schematic system for crafting advanced items.


Wasteland Treasures Books


Wasteland Treasures: Honey Adds a small chance to harvest honey from trees.

Wasteland Treasures: Coffins Harvest coffins for bones, jewelry and precious gems.

Wasteland Treasures: Acid Adds a small chance to harvest acid from cars and medical equipment

Wasteland Treasures: Water Can craft purified bottled water from coal and murky water (or just clean normal water if purified is OP)

Wasteland Treasures: Doors Can harvest door knobs from doors

Wasteland Treasures: Cloth Can weave plant fibers into cloth.

Wasteland Treasures: Sinks Can harvest more lead and brass from sinks and plumbing



Hold R for radial options on safes and select pick lock. As long as you have a pick a timer will show up and you can pick the lock. There is a chance to break the pick. Some safes spawn jammed. Perception has a lockpicking perk tree that allows you to break in faster and break lock picks less frequently.


New Weapons and items:


Baseball Bat


Brass Knuckles

Spiked Knuckles

Primitive Spear

Iron Spear

Steel Spear

Wooden Bat

Steel Bat

Stone Sledgehammer

Steel Sledgehammer

M60 Heavy Machine Gun:M60 Heavy Machine Gun and Ghillie Suit

Double Barrel Shotgun

Timed Charge: C4 Concept art

Taser Baton:

Junk Turret: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D7NIttxUcAAaiYF?format=jpg&name=large

Frag Grenades

Impact Grenades


+Changed: Steel Ammunition removed


New High res icons:


Gear Changes:

+ Quality now influences damage output on tools, firearms and melee weapons.

+ Quality influences armor protection values.

+ All items with quality now have random stats in loot. Players craft with static stats in the middle of the range. It is possible that a brown pistol is superior to a yellow one, but not likely. Check the stats of every thing you find.

+ Weapons and armor now have scaling recipe costs, so the higher the quality the more materials are needed to craft the item.

+ The governing attribute determines the quality of crafting. For example the shotgun messiah perk governs the quality of shotguns you can craft, and the gunslinger perk governs the quality of crafted pistols, SMG and magnums.

+ Changed: Players can now switch to another weapon interrupting the reload animation and the reload.


World Changes:

+ Added decorations Covered wagon and wheel:https://twitter.com/joelhuenink/status/1103722114299785216

+ Added decorations Industrial Coffee Maker:

+ Desert Textures, splat maps and terrain:

+ Army trucks, lootable and harvestable:


New cars

+ Improvements to RWG

-better lakes and rivers

-better roads

-no repeated POI's within same city

-large regions for biomes (no patchwork)


New Dynamic Music System (DMS)

Its been in the works for a long time and the first version is finally here. We now have a dynamic music system that plays a variety of tracks and can combine them so you never hear the same song twice. Right now they only play during exploration or a non combat moments. Future updates will detect your threat level and introduce combat music. Users can disable the system entirely or define what percentage of the day music can play for and adjust the music volume.

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Alpha 18 Dev Diary!!


New Demolisher zombie.

+Shoot in the body and head to damage and kill normally

+Shoot in the detonator to cause a massive explosion

+Explosion does 5000 block damage in a 3m radius

+Impervious to spikes and barbed wire


Combat Features:

+ When wounded, zombies will randomly speed up for a short time.

+ Game tracks the arc of your melee swing and will register glancing blows rather than outright misses.


Shape Selector Tool:

All crafting recipes for different block shapes have been removed from the game and players now only craft basic blocks. When going to place blocks players can hold down the R button to open the shape selector tool and choose what shape the block will be when placed. All blocks placed will be that shape until a new shape is selected.



+ Added: Coyote

+ Added: Mountain Lion

+ Changed: Animals can leap, aggressive animals chase timid animals, aggressive animals have a chance to flee when wounded.



+ Generally more ammunition to be found in the world.

+ Quests will reset all brass in the activated POI

+ At least 2 books (listed and bolded above) improve chances to find brass



+ Dyes no longer add damage and have less saturation

+ Dyes have their own dedicated slot

+ Cosmetic mods added (e.g. a miner hat can be changed to look like a cowboy hat but still function like a miner hat)

+ Pockets added as armor mods that reduce encumbrance


New and Improved Animations



+ Added electrical schematics to trader

+ Added power doors and bridges


New Options

+ Drop Nothing on Death


Death Penalty

+ Removed Near Death Buff

+ Upon death you will lose xp equal to 25% of what you need to reach the next level.

+ If you lose more xp than you have the xp bar will change from blue to red to mark the deficit

+ You do not lose any levels or abilities but must earn back the deficit and all the xp needed to advance to the next level.


Things People Wonder and Worry About

+ No change to the quest marker in A18

+ No Boats in A18

+ No level cap for A18

+ No Blood Moon escape prevention in A18


+ No Behemoth or Ziplines (cut features)

+ No Learn by Doing (cut feature)


+ No Child Zombies planned

+ No killable trader planned

+ No static terrain planned

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I see the Enforcer perks, that mean dismemberment will be working again in A18 or is that slated for A17 still? Just curious.


Hopefully we can get that fixed up for a17.

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M60! The Rambo Gun. Yeah!!


Any chance of see lockpicks?


Talked about them, but in a game where you can break any block fairly easily, it just doesn't make much sense.

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MM: Will the C4 be remote detonation or time based?


- - - Updated - - -




There's a modlet by Xyth for CCTV in the works now.

Probably time based, we need to get it in and play around with it first then decide.

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What I would like to see are new blocks for building such as a arch for an inner corner and additional clean looking textures so that a base also looks new and shiny.


- - - Updated - - -


Why you want lockpicks when you can just hack the door down?


For stealth gameplay.

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Exactly this!


I'd actually like to see more deco blocks to make the world and POI's richer overall. It's actually kind of a bummer building prefabs when you start to notice how much common day to day stuff just doesn't exist.

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I already have a machine gun, :D looking forward to seeing the official version.


Ma Deuce for the 4x4.. oh yeah! Want!


Next on the firepower wishlist of course, the MiniGun. heh.

(overpowered it would be, but also chew through bullets like crazy! Would need tracer rounds implemented though.)

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Hey joel i was thinking about this last night while i was playing but we need 1 more skill that i think many would like including myself. And it would give another member of your group a needed job/skill to level up on their own. Think we need a tracking skill/perk. Have someone out there tracking and gather meat, leather etc from animals. maybe have the animals drop scat that only the tracker can see and lead him towards the animal or track footprints.

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