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Farm Life v2

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Farm Life has a lot of new crops and trees :)




These are only the new trees and crops from Farm Life. It makes for a pretty massive expansion :)



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I'm still doing some testing, I want to make sure everything works perfectly for you guys without any hitches. So far its going really well and the only real issues were some block offsets on a couple stations.


Farm Life lets you make some extremely epic kitchens :)




Brewing and Fermenting here ->




The Chopping Board has become an extremely important tool in Farm Life. It is not only used to cut things but it is now the default "prep station" for many recipes that do not require any cooking tools but need a space to prepare. I'm very happy with the work Syn did bringing this model to life :D (Note that I did the icons for the tools though ;)




All the Farm Life animal pens and coops




Elk up close




And pig



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Thank you


I answered my own question lol. You sir are a genius. Btw your github link is broken it dl and causes errors i ended up grabbing the nexus dl and works perfect.


File to large for github I think the issue so only dl parts


I checked and the web does work, I updated the main post with instructions on how to download from the web. For GitHub cloning, you'll want to install LFS -> https://git-lfs.github.com

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I’m setting up a website for Farm Life. It’s going host all of the FAQs, release notes, and pages dedicated to every craft station. It’s coming along nicely, once I get some DNS crap resolved I’ll update the main page.


Should help make the mod much more understandable and approachable :)

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