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Robeloto's A19 modlets

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A19.0 Robeloto Custom Zombies Modlet


If you are looking for a realistic mod you have come to the wrong place, but if you are looking for some variation in the game involving some nice action with new zombies and with increased difficulty you happen to just be in the right thread.


Upcoming stuff and fixes:

Thinking of sticking another 2 Candycanes in Candygirls ears too. I mean, halloween and xmas is just around the corner. So some zombies need to spice up. Changing the FireBoss apperance to a better one. Adding more prefabs to zombies so they look a bit more different and cooler. Making some more alternate versions.


2020-10-14 (v2.73): Candygirl apperance: She wields 2 candycaneshiv in her hands. All fire zombies has now torch particle coming from their hands. Shocker zombie has small shock particle coming from his hands. Feral Shock apperance corrected as he was invisible, cause the material changed. Added new quest. This quest rewards you with a schematic for the Steelbootsofhaste and MagicPlateArmor + experience and casinocoins. Quest is added to loot with a 6% chance. MagicPlateArmor and Steelbootsofhaste has now quaility stages. The Sboh has an increased speed. Some recipes have changed a bit, such as MagicPlateArmor. Localization has been updated. All alternate versions has also been updated.


Remember that if you have a quest from the old versions active and you proceed installing and playing, your character will be reset. Make a backup and/or play with the old quest version. I think you can remove the quest and after that proceed installing the new files, but always make backups in case.


Version is now : 2.73


Old updates here:


2020-10-13: LoudSoundsLowered : Corrected name in items.xml -> meleeToolPickT3AugerSchematic

2020-10-12: LoudSoundsLowered has been updated and Auger and chainsaw should now work with lower sound. I am going to nerf the sound of hitting wood later today. Disassemble Traps has been updated. Problem was you could get resources and a full trap when disassembling resulting in you getting more material than you had before. Now you will not get any resources, but have a 45% chance to get a full trap.

2020-10-11: version 2.7.2

NerfThemAll - Removed Ratchet schematic and Ratchet from loot and also removed Ratchet from the trader. Rare Schematic Tools is a rare chance to buy at the trader. Lowered probability to find a nailgun.

All alternate versions have also been updated.
AnimalFly yellow error in console fixed!

Chroma skin fixed.

Giant will have the biker skin as it seems it cannot be changed.

WhiteNoise Radiation Buff removed when he is close. The icon and text is enough to explain that he is close to you.

Nerfed the spawnchance in entitygroups for several dangerous zeds, such as Anaconda, Firesnake, Giant, WhiteNoise, Predator, BurningPhoenix, WaterRaion, Diamondphoenix. Spectregirl and Cloaker is heavily nerfed in the entitygroups so they will almost not show up anymore.

Reason for that is that they can become quite irritating when encountering them often. If anyone want them to appear more often I can make a version with those.

Lowered blockdamage for shocker vomit and 0 damage on earth blocks.
Added 1 new zombie: Exploder - He will explode after a short while if someone injures him or if he attacks someone. (tell me if he should have the beep or not)

Check video here: https://youtu.be/RGAiIGiXKJ8
We have 3 new guests(zombies) from another mod!
These come from Snufkins zombies mod: Archon, Geist and Scarecrow. Snufkin allowed me to make them visit my mod.

I have renamed them to Arch0n, Ge1st and Sc4recrow, to avoid duplicate name problems if someone also uses Snufkins zombies mod.


2020/10/05: NerfThemAll standard version is updated. MasterChef perk changed. Read more about what is changed here and after click, scroll down to NerfThemAll and click to reveal the contents and scroll further down until you see progression and look for MasterChef. I have added a readme also to the mod.

2020/10/04: NerfThemAll with 2 alternate versions. Small chance to loot steel, motor tools & crucible. In the 2nd version there is only a small chance to loot crucible. Readme updated.
2020/09/27: No animals version uploaded

2020/09/26: Skullbird removed (problems with not seeing him from a distance)
2020/09/21: Skullbird hitbox enlargened.

2020/09/20: The buff for broken leg/arm is now fixed. Default broken leg/arm now. Added alternate version for my mods. Atm there is 4 alternate versions of my RobelotoCustomZombies and 1 for NerfThemAll. Check the Readme for changes. Copy these files to the default modlet and overwrite them to make the changes.

2020/09/19: CopterCorpse hitbox properly aligned. Added a version with only 11 zombies activated. The only file you need to replace with that one is the entitygroups.xml file.

2020/09/09: Nerfed block damage on some Zeds. Fire explosions do more damage on wood than any other material.  Strongest block damage by hand is Giant (1500, previous was 10.000) which is very rare to spawn. Highest pukevomit is from Burning Phoenix(125+115 explosion blockdamage) and ScreamerBoss (130+100 explosion blockdamage). Fireboss has slightly lower damage than these bosses.

2020/09/08: SkullBird hitbox resized.
2020/09/05: CopterCorpse hitbox resized.

2020/09/04: lower damage and lowered buff chance on WhiteNoise. Area of effect is decreased from 30 meters to 20 meter. Removed WhiteNoise, FireElf, Blazingman and other hard zeds from early gamestages. Some can appear though in hospitals, ghosttown, military as a rare spawn. If someone want more spawns of my zombies, I will consider to make a hard version also.

2020/08/30:  Added really high loot chance (75-85%) from my boss zombies: Giant, ScreamerBoss, FireBoss, Gunner, Predator
2020/08/27 fix: CopterCorpse

2020/08/25 fix: Explosion.ParticleIndexes, no more purple lumps. Correct explosions for each zombiepuke and zombieexplosion.

2020/08/24 fix: Burning phoenix is made of fire again and spits fireballs.
2020/08/23 :V 2.71 added: Removed Firefly, Changed the non-working materials on some zombies + other small fixes..




This modlet adds 33 new zombies to the game! + 3 zombies from Snufkins mod: Archon, Geist and Scarecrow.










Action video on all zombies! This is what they do to you!







Part3 - Will maybe upload all zombies on A19 in one video when I got plenty of time. May be just a short video without any music.


Copter Corpse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnh7Nyw4C34&feature=emb_logo


Zombie names + info:




01. Giant

A giant zombie that can kill you and your base in one hit. Do not try to fight this guy before you have some good gear.


02. Fire Boss

Time for some cheesy lines. You are under arre... ehm, probably dead if you let him flame you. No Miranda warning here. This is a huge fire zombie that can destroy anything with his breath. This zombie has pretty high blockdamage, so do not lure him to your base.


03. Gunner

One of the strongest. Looks like a zombie made of metal and he will shoot you with several bullets. He can break your arm and also stun you.


04. Anesthesia

Need some anesthesia? This nurse will drug you, and do some horrifying things to you.


05. Burning Man

A roaming zombie that has evolved from the vanilla burnt zombie. He will puke small breaths of fire.


06. MoePuker

He seems to have ♥ all over his body. He stinks and he pukes. Evolved from a normal Moe.


07. Screamer Boss

The leader of all zombies? She is bigger than the vanilla one and she shoots rockets from her mouth destroying anything in her way.


08. Shadow

During the day he is almost invisible. But during the night if you have a flashlight you will see him. This zombie can blind you and he has learned to mimic familiar sounds from before the apocalypse.


09. Fire Elf

A zombie Elf that shoots flaming arrows from his mouth. Yes, you read that right.


10. Shocker

This "dude" pukes electric bolts from his mouth. Try not to become shocked! Even his hands will electrify you until you are burnt crisp.


11. Spectre

A transparent silent zombie that will scare the ♥ out of you, probably.


12. AquaZed

A type of waterzombie that pukes water on you. Does not hurt much, and if you are on fire, this vomit will extinguish the fire.


13. Blazing Man

Burning mans big brother. His fire puke explosions are beautiful, but far from harmless.


14. Mummy

A slow guy, but can take several hits before he goes down. He can also break your precious arm.


15. Sanguis

This zombie behaves like a spider zombie, but slightly faster and will puke some strange blood on you. When this zombie is near you will bleed even if you do not get hit by her puke. She has a chance to infect you if you get hit. Then she will drain all your stamina and possibly give you pneumonia.


16. Candygirl

She will make you run faster. So watch out if she hits you as you could run out from a cliff or a tall building etc.


17. Chroma

A jumpy fast zombie that can buff your sight with strange coloring.


18, Freezer

His vomit can freeze you instantly making you unable to move.


19. Ironman

A zombie with iron skin. Low HP, but will generate health quite rapidly. Kill him fast.


20. Predator

Fast cloaking zombie that can hurt you in some different ways.


21. Shocker feral

The feral version of shocker with a new cool skin!



Same as spectre, but the female one and she runs!


23. White Noise

The fastest zombie. He can run as fast as a minibike. If you are on foot, try to kill him instead, cause you cannot outrun this creature. His buff will make you see noise.


24. Anaconda

Very fast and large snake. You should really run, because the damage from this lady is critical. Keep distance.


25. Blazing Phoenix

This one is burning and he also spit fire.


26. ChickenDemon

Fast and will agressively hunt you down if you are within her area. High chance to infect you



A cloaking vulture. Quite scary.


28. DiamondPhoenix

You thought the radiated vultures were dangerous? Well, this bird makes them fade in comparison and it spits bullets. If you happen to see one. Just run.


29. Fly

Fast irritating son of a @%$*#!. Can infect you. Has really low HP.


30. Fire fly

This fly is on fire! [REMOVED in A19]


31. Skull Bird

A flying cowskull that shoots red ... things? [REMOVED in A19]


32. Water Raion

A large lion that can drown you. Get water and meat from this cat.


33. Firesnake

A smaller version of anaconda, but this one will burn you up.


34. Copter Corpse

A corpse that is flying a gyrocopter and is shooting with a minigun


35. Exploder Zombie
A zombie with a timed charge on his chest. He also have one dynamite in each of his hands. He will explode after you have damaged him or he has damaged you.






The most dangerous zombies are removed from sleeper, scout and feralhordes during the first days and up to gamestage 100+.


Custom Sounds:

Anesthesia vomit


Fire breaths


Freezer vomit



Moepuker vomit


Sanguis vomit


Shadow (many sounds and can also mimic a screamer)

Shocker vomit

* More sounds coming soon



Amoxillin cures you completely from the new custom zombie buffs, new schematics and resources that are added to the lootgroup. Amoxillin is under the yeahScience perk so you can learn how to craft this.



I have added quests in the mod. At the moment there are only 2 quest, but more will be added. They can be looted as any other challenge quests.


Custom Prefabs:

I will probably add this in a near future. I have never done this, so it will prob take a while before I learn everything about how it is done.


Other changes


Every fat zombie have now a chance to break your arm. Lowered this chance from version 2.5.


Spider zombies jumps higher


I lowered the volume on all explosions that had too high volume compared to everything else. Molotovs explosion is changed to match Burning mans puke. It sounds really nice. Also, no more looping sounds after you killed a fire puking zombie or a shocker!








The zombie with the same name as this buff will drug you. Your screen will become wavy and you will have a hard time moving during this effect. Amocillin will cure this.


Broken Leg/ Broken arm:

You will have much harder time moving around with a broken leg and/or arm. Not like the standard buffs. Your attacks will be slower with your arm. And you cannot jump too high, even if you took care with it with a splint. [Removed in A19]



Buff from the Chroma zombie. Your world will get bright. (other buff was removed cause it did not work well)



Buff from Shadow, you will be completely blind for 9 seconds if he hits you with his circle of lights. This can be cured with Amocillin.



The AquaZed buff. Not too much different from the usual drowning buff, but your sight will become blurred and you will have a harder time moving around during this effect. Nothing will cure this, it will only last a couple seconds



The freezer buff. You cannot move for about 4-5 seconds. To avoid this. Drink hot coffee or cocoa to cure.



If he is near or hits you, your world will get a bit grainy. If you used ranged weapon on this zed, he will sense that and punish you.



Sanguis zombie has a low chance to give you Pneumonia. It will last for 250 seconds. You will be weakened and you will also lose health during this time. Keep your health up to not die or find Amocillin.



The Sanguis zombie buff will drain your stamina and your sight will be really bad. Amocillin will cure this.



Take a wild guess which zombie gives you this buff. You will be shocked for about 4-5 seconds. It will reset if you get shocked again.



This custom buff will not be affected by your strength and perks. It will always have a chance to stun you.




All my A19 modlets here


-> Download <-


If you wish to donate me: PayPal



__________________________________________________ _________________________________________

All my 18.4 modlets

All my A17.2 modlets

Video on all zombies from A17: https://youtu.be/LYXP15okbJE



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My other modlets:


Disassemble traps

Disassemble all sorts of spike traps with a wrench



Loud sounds lowered

Lowers annoying and loud sounds



Nerf Them All

Makes game more challenging!



No Zombie Death Sounds

No death sounds from zombies



Pick up Traps and Mines

Pick up spike/wooden traps and all type of mines



Quest Music

Adds more music and sound to quests



Stack more items XL

Stack a lot more items



Mod information


Disassemble Traps

You can disassemble all types of spike traps with a wrench and have a 45% chance to get the full trap back.



Loud Sounds Lowered

Chainsaw and Auger has been heavily lowered. Most of the other sounds has just been lowered a bit to match all other in game sounds.


Sounds that have been lowered




Chainsaw and Auger

Junkturret fire

Picking up items <--- This became annoying when chainsaw and auger were lowered, so I lowered this too.

Forge/campfire burns out

Purchase skill

Hitting bedrock

wrench harvest

when earth is destroyed

when glass is destroyed

when metal is destroyed

when wood is destroyed

metal hit metal

Open chest/cupboard

Open/close inventory

Trader sound open/close

When trees falls

When trees breaks




Nerf Them All


You think this game is easy and you are so bored you can't stand it? Good, check out this modlet. The name can be a bit confusing as it can also mean that the difficulty is decreased, but it is not. The 'easy to get stuff' is nerfed and the challenging stuff is increased. Maybe someone have an idea of a better name of this modlet? Anyway, almost everything in this modlet is nerfed to make the game much harder.This is making the early gamestage longer lasting and more challenging.


The white river citizen quest is removed and now you have to find a trader by yourself. Heat map strength for the workstations are increased. Noise heat map strength from weapons is also increased. Do not rely just on weapons, cause that will punish you....with screamers.


Farming takes now 7 hours for the crops to grow instead of 1 hour. Harvesting materials is reduced.

Safes is harder to break up. The wandering hordes is much larger. Stone tools do less damage on metal. All tools/weapons can break. Ammo damage is reduced.


Looting is heavily nerfed and finding a wrench is almost impossible. Auger, Crucible and Steel Pickaxe/Sledgehammer is removed from loot. Better to make them yourself now as it is "supposed" to be, Quest rewards are nerfed. I only buffed up the challenge rewards cause they were way too bad. Traders does not sell as much as in the original and they restock every 2 weeks. In progression I nerfed the Sledgehammer a lot, but it is still OP, just not as much.


I have listed everything that is nerfed down below.





  • Increased heat map strength, time and frequency with about 20~% for all workstationsThis will attract screamers a bit more than usual.
  • Decreased chance to get honey from tree stumps with 25%
  • Decreased all harvesting resources by 50%~
  • Farming is a lot harder now. Slowed down the crops growing rate with over 600%. It takes about 7 hours for the crops to grow now instead of 1h~.
  • Harder to break up safes, their durability is increased with over 300%. Makes more use of the lockpicks.
  • Get a large horde that is split up in 3 waves, each day.
  • It is not realistic with stone tools do so much damage on safes and other metal objects. Now stone tools do much less damage on metal objects, except from the sledgehammer.
  • All tools and weapons can break
  • All ammo damage is reduced by 14%~
  • All damage from thrown explosives/molotovs is also reduced. The molotov also only lasts for about 8 seconds, instead of the unrealistic 16 seconds.
  • Vehicles durability is reduced by a lot. Now you actually have to repair them.
  • The chests and weapons bag has less items in them.
  • Removed Auger, Crucible, Steel Pickaxe and Steel Sledgehammer completely from the lootcontainers.
  • Also removed The Pickaxes from all lootcontainers, but you still can get an Iron Pickaxe from quests.
  • Treasure map loot chance reduced from a 0.09% chance to 0.02%. They should be rare to find.
  • Workstations and tool schematics is now much harder to find in the world.
  • Removed the wrench and forge schematic from the common tools group.
  • Wrench is removed from all the lootcontainers, except from the working stiffs with an incredibly low chance
  • Treasure loot decreased by half
  • Nailgun loot chance decreased by 30%
  • Less drinks from the drinks lootgroup
  • Less water from suitcases, luggage and fridges. Decreased water chance by 25%.
  • Lower chance to get water from the microwaves
  • Quest ammo reward is heavily reduced as it was way too much in original.
  • Quest thrown explosive ammo reward is also reduced. Molotov only last 8 seconds instead of 16.
  • Iron Sledgehammer loot chance from tools and the workingstiffs group is decreased
  • You now need to have Advanced Engineering level 4 to be able to craft a forge, tablesaw workbench, cementmixer and various traps.
  • Unlock wrench at Salvage Operations level 3 instead of 1.
  • Club is nerfed in the perks, nerf is about 20~30%
  • Sledgehammer is nerfed in the perks also. This weapon is still OP, even with the nerf. I would say the nerf is about 30~40%.
  • Stun Baton, only nerfed it a tiny bit as it is really no way an OP weapon, but just to even it out with the sledge and club weapons.
  • MasterChef Perk is changed. Stage 1 gives you only recipes for BaconAndEggs ,BakedPotato, CornBread and CornOnTheCob. Stage 2 gives BoiledMeat, GrilledMeat, RedTea, Coffee and GoldenRodTea recipe. Stage 3 gives SteakAndPotato, BlueberryPie, MeatStew, VegetableStew, PumpkinPie, PumpkinCheesecake and PumpkinBread recipe. Stage 4 gives ShamChowder, HoboStew, FishTacos, YuccaJuiceSmoothie, ChiliDog and Beer recipe. And finally stage 5 gives GumboStew, ShepardsPie, Spaghetti, TunaFishGravyToast, GrandpasMoonshine, GrandpasAwesomeSauce and GrandpasLearningElixir recipe.
  • White river citizen quest is removed, so now you have to find a trader yourself without any help.
  • Better quest reward for the common challenges. Not a nerf, but these should have better rewards, cause everyone often ignores and scrap them for paper.

  • Harder to make gunpowder. 50% more resources is needed. If it was a way to decrease the veins of coal and nitrate powder, I would have done that too.
  • Junkturret ammo now needs 5 iron instead of just 3.
  • Noise heat map strength increased on all guns. Relying too much on ammo and weapons will punish you with screamers.
  • Removed Auger, Steel pickaxe, Steel sledgehammer, Crucible, Wrench, Forged iron/steel, placeable motorvehicles and workstations. Go make them yourself as it is "supposed" to be. Do not rely on traders so much!
  • Ammo is scarce so now the traders sells much less ammo. Ammo is often considered gold in this postapocalyptic world.
  • Building materials is also reduced, like cobblestone, cement and concrete mix.
  • Traders has less items to sell and the restock day is now every 2 weeks instead of daily.
  • Less items in vending machines and they never restock, well, they do... in 999 days, but who has gone so far in game days? It is not realistic that they get restocked so often in the original.



No Zombie Death Sound

Now you cannot be 100% sure they died., especially if you also use Guppys RandomGeterUpper and without the xp stats announce bar. The death sounds has been replaced with the pain sounds. The sound that they do when you hurt them.


Pick up Traps and Mines

Now you can pick up iron and wood traps and all type of mines. This may be OP, but it's fun.


Quest Music

Anyone is bored of only hearing the original quest sounds and music?


Well, I made a modlet that adds more to the original quest sound and music. It is not much now as it is only 12 tracks, but I will keep adding. The original sounds is still there and the music chosen by the game is random. I have tried to make them as post-apocalyptic as possible. I also added level up music. Some music are from this game, like the old menu musics. And others are from Free Royalty Music (no copyright)

The beginner starter quest can annoy you with a lot of music as it is 7 subquest and one final. Let me know if any music feels out of place or are a bit too loud or too low.


Here is the list of where I have added more music too:









quest_subtask_complete1 <- complete a sub quest



quest_master_complete1 <- when you complete a full quest


levelupplayer1 <- - level up sound

read_skillbook_final1 <-- when you have read every chapter




Stack more items

Over 164 items added that you can stack a lot more


Download all mods here



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These don't really fit into my game at the moment, but for pure fun and imaginative additions to an otherwise vanilla game they are brilliant !!!


Really opens the door for final big bad ass bosses in game.


Thank you!


I have forgot to mention that the zombiecop spitting flames is not my idea at all. Apparantly this hellcop has been around since A12 or even earlier. I got the idea from this thread and created him when I played A15.2.


The rest of the bosses was inspired from that cop. I actually made them in A15, except biker, vulture and anaconda and I figured now when I have started playing again to actually create a modlet for this. That's the story. :)

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I'm getting an error...


Patching 'entitygroups.xml' from mod 'RobelotoCustomZombies_Hard' failed



Also occurs with the 'RobelotoCustomZombies' version. Haven't tried it with the Easy, but I'm sure the result would be the same...


Does EAC have to be on? Would it conflict with other modlets?

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I'm getting an error...


Patching 'entitygroups.xml' from mod 'RobelotoCustomZombies_Hard' failed



Also occurs with the 'RobelotoCustomZombies' version. Haven't tried it with the Easy, but I'm sure the result would be the same...


Does EAC have to be on? Would it conflict with other modlets?


Be more helpful to pin point the error if you uploaded the output.log

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2019-02-28T01:22:52 14.286 WRN XML patch for "blocks.xml" from mod "FastGrowFarmingMod" did not apply: <set xpath="/blocks/block[@name=fruitTreeGrowingMaster]/property[@name=PlantGrowing.GrowthRate]/@value"

2019-02-28T01:22:52 14.289 WRN XML patch for "blocks.xml" from mod "FastGrowFarmingMod" did not apply: <set xpath="/blocks/block[contains(@modTag,'growingPen')]/property[@name=UpgradeRated.Rate]/@value"


(I dont know the mod here but seems there is a issue here maybe talking to the creator of the mod)


then there is this -


2019-02-28T01:22:55 17.409 WRN XML patch for "items.xml" from mod "Weapon Magazine Size Modlet" did not apply: <set xpath="/item_modifiers/item_modifier[@name=modGunMagazineExtender]/effect_group/passive_effect[@name=MagazineSize]/@value"


(Is this my modlet - as it works fine for me try redownloading it as i had stuff in there from another modlet i used that maybe you didnt)


then this -


2019-02-28T01:22:58 20.398 ERR XML loader: Patching 'entitygroups.xml' from mod 'RobelotoCustomZombies' failed

2019-02-28T01:22:58 20.398 EXC Error during parse of /entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='ZombieBadassGroup'


at Mono.Xml.XPath.XPathParser.yyparse (yyInput yyLex) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

at Mono.Xml.XPath.XPathParser.Compile (System.String xpath) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

Rethrow as XPathException: Error during parse of /entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='ZombieBadassGroup'

at Mono.Xml.XPath.XPathParser.Compile (System.String xpath) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

at System.Xml.XPath.XPathExpression.Compile (System.String xpath, IXmlNamespaceResolver nsmgr, IStaticXsltContext ctx) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

at System.Xml.XPath.XPathExpression.Compile (System.String xpath) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

at System.Xml.XPath.XPathNavigator.Compile (System.String xpath) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

at System.Xml.XmlNode.SelectNodes (System.String xpath, System.Xml.XmlNamespaceManager nsmgr) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

at System.Xml.XmlNode.SelectNodes (System.String xpath) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

at XmlFile.AppendByXPath (System.String _xpath, System.Xml.XmlElement _xml, System.String _patchName) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

at XmlPatcher.singlePatch (.XmlFile _targetFile, System.Xml.XmlElement _patchElement, System.String _patchName) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

at XmlPatcher.PatchXml (.XmlFile _xmlFile, .XmlFile _patchXml, System.String _patchName) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

at XmlPatcher.LoadAndPatchConfig (System.String _configName) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_LogException(Exception, Object)

UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

UnityEngine.Logger:LogException(Exception, Object)







UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr)


(The error lies here -

<append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='ZombieBadassGroup'">

<entity name="zombieFireBoss" prob="0.08"/>

<entity name="zombieMaleHazmatShocker" prob="0.2"/>

<entity name="zombieBikerGiant" prob="0.05"/>



It is missing the end tag ] inbetween the ' and " at the end.


then this -


2019-02-28T01:22:58 20.803 WRN XML patch for "XUi/xui.xml" from mod "S420_SimpleUI-BiggerBackpack120" did not apply: <set xpath="/xui/ruleset[@name=default]/window_group[@name=looting]/window[@name=windowLooting]/@name"


this is the one i have and it works fine -

<set xpath="/xui/ruleset[@name=default]/window_group[@name=looting]/window[@name=windowLooting]/@name">S420windowLooting</set> as you can see it is the same so maybe fix the above errors and it will flow thru. happy to take a look after you fix the above ones with a new output.log

also if you tell me which mod the first 2 lines are from i can look at that to for you

Edited by stallionsden (see edit history)
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In your entitygroups xml you have a error -



<append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='ZombieBadassGroup'">


It is missing the end tag ] inbetween the ' and " at the end. so should look like this -


<append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name=ZombieBadassGroup]">

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In your entitygroups xml you have a error -



<append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='ZombieBadassGroup'">


It is missing the end tag ] inbetween the ' and " at the end. so should look like this -


<append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name=ZombieBadassGroup]">


Yes, I just realized. I am not home right now, but will fix as soon as I get home.


Edit: Ok, now it's fixed.

Edited by Robeloto (see edit history)
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Real nice Robeloto! Any chance in the future for a stand-alone Anaconda modlet (as an extra hostile animal)? =)




I uploaded 2 versions today.


Anaconda version: https://github.com/Robeloto/7d2d_A17.1_modlets/raw/master/RobelotoAnacondaOnly.zip


Animals only version: https://github.com/Robeloto/7d2d_A17.1_modlets/raw/master/RobelotoCustomAnimalsonly.zip


Excellent, big thx , best mod :fat:


Haha ty! :)

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It would take a nemesis like in resident evil.

Very tall, very slow to move but with a machine gun in the right hands and rocket launcher in the left hands.

Possible to do this?



Probably possible with SDX. I am still in the learning how to animate 3D models I made and getting them into the game. Wish I had more time, because I love this game.


I do not think it is possible to do this with just a modlet. I could make a tall slow zombie spitting 7.62mm rounds though. xD

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I use this on my server, and the players love the "surprises" they get. I lowered the block damage of the badass dudes, because they did not only one hit my poor players, but also vaporize prefabs in minutes, what we don't want.

But it is kinda satisfying to read in chat a player yelling, he is chased by a giant snake, or those wtf moments when players realize, the slow walking Hazmat Dudes spit electric 'nades :D

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Probably possible with SDX. I am still in the learning how to animate 3D models I made and getting them into the game. Wish I had more time, because I love this game.


I do not think it is possible to do this with just a modlet. I could make a tall slow zombie spitting 7.62mm rounds though. xD


No, but I do not ask you to see his rocket launcher and his machine gun.

Just as big as the giant zombie biker, who makes a different sound, slow but powerful.


In fact, nothing but noise you must be afraid without seeing it.

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Holy cannoli that was fast!! Very much appreciated Robeloto.


In your honor, I shall share this awesome anaconda with unsuspecting family members =)




I missed this post. No probs. Haha, I hope they don't get scarred!


I use this on my server, and the players love the "surprises" they get. I lowered the block damage of the badass dudes, because they did not only one hit my poor players, but also vaporize prefabs in minutes, what we don't want.

But it is kinda satisfying to read in chat a player yelling, he is chased by a giant snake, or those wtf moments when players realize, the slow walking Hazmat Dudes spit electric 'nades :D


Yes, they are prefab destroyers indeed. Going to nerf them more in the easy version. Glad you like it!


No, but I do not ask you to see his rocket launcher and his machine gun.

Just as big as the giant zombie biker, who makes a different sound, slow but powerful.


In fact, nothing but noise you must be afraid without seeing it.


I do not know how to make a zombie with 2 different attacks. They already have their melee and then the vomit. But it may be possible. I have to try it out atleast.


Thanks, it's from long time I wanted this kind animals =)


So let's try =)


No problem! But the animals are not kind. Pretty evil I would say. xD


New version is coming soon. I just made a transparent zombie and it was way easier then I thought it would be. He is tiny, fast, low hp, and completely silent. I named him SilentDwight. Also made a zombie that shoots like a madman. He is using an smg type of weapon, but with 500 rounds in the magazine. He will not stop shooting you before he empties the magazine. And some more different ones.

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