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Donovan's Modlets

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Donovan's 7 Days to Die Modlets


The goal is to create a _less grindy_ experience in 7 Days to Die, so you can enjoy the other aspects of the game. As such, these mods only make changes to things like resource stack sizes and gathering, resource requirements, and experience requirements. Nothing has been changed to make the game "easier" in other ways.


The Modlets


These are all intended to work in unison, so feel free to mix and match to suit your needs, however, pay attention to any conflicts listed in the descriptions.


- All-In-One - Bundled modlet of my recommended modlets

- BetterBandages - Craft medical bandages directly from normal bandages + aloe cream

- BetterBridges - Allows advanced rotation on garage door and drawbridge

- BetterBuffs - Tweaks (de)buffs; i.e. shorter NearDeathTrauma and no more being thirsty/hungry at 190%

- BetterBuffs - Allows all colored dyes to be crafted from paint

- BetterCement - Create 'Cement Mix' directly in the cement mixer

- BetterPowertools - Makes the Chainsaw, Auger, and Nailgun way more useful

- BetterSpears - Gives the spears a little more damage

- BetterVehicles - Bigger and Faster Vehicles; more storage and +25% normal speed (double that in turbo)

- LessGrind - Increases the harvest amount of most methods and reduces some resource requirements

- LevelFaster - Increases the experience gain on most items

- LootCleanup - Destroys bird nests, garbage piles, and bags after looting them, you know, to clean up the environment.

- CraftAcid - Craftable Acid

- CraftBeaker - Adds the beaker as a craftable item from the forge (requires crucible)

- CraftJail - Adds the jaildoor back into the game as a craftable item

- CraftSchematics - Create weapon mod schematics using the table saw

- CraftSpikes - Adds the A16 style log spikes back into the game as a craftable item

- BigBackpack - Increases the size of the player inventory to 60

- MegaBackpack - Increases the size of the player inventory to 120

- MegaStacks - Vastly increases stack sizes

- MorePerks - Increases the amount of perks points received per level by 2 (conflicts with megaperks)

- MegaPerks - Increases the amount of perks points received per level by 4 (conflicts with moreperks)

- LongerLootbags - Decreases the decay rate on zombie lootbags from 5 to 30 minutes

- MoreLootbags - Increases the drop rates on zombie lootbags (normal: 5%, feral: 10%, irradiated: 20%) (conflicts with megalootbags)

- MegaLootbags - Dramatically increases the drop rates on zombie lootbags (normal: 20%, feral: 50%, irradiated: 80%) (conflicts with morelootbags)

- PickMeUp - Allows for certain blocks to be picked up after placing.


Tested under game version: _Alpha 18.3_




I previously used an excellent XML config replacement made by SpikeDaddy, which he still maintains, so full credit to his work for my inspiration!


With the addition of xpath modlets support in the latest versions of 7D2D (and in the 7D2DLauncher utility), I decided to convert some of his changes along with some of my own into a series of modlets. The result is this body of work, which will be updated with new ideas and to support future stable versions of 7D2D.




-- Donovan




If you find any issues or have a suggestion for improvement, please open an issue on github and I'll look into it ASAP.

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Craft Beaker doesn't work for me. Work with this modification :



<append xpath="/recipes">

<recipe name="toolBeaker" count="1" craft_area="forge" craft_tool="toolForgeCrucible" material_based="true">

<ingredient name="unit_glass" count="50"/>

<ingredient name="unit_lead" count="20"/>

<ingredient name="unit_clay" count="20"/>




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