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Drconfused Auger & Chainsaw Attachments Mod


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This is my first original mod that is not some mashup of merging other's mods. I was using mods that changed the gas tank size of the auger and chainsaw and got thinking that it would be nice to have those as attachments because who doesn't love putting an attachment into their gear!



Power Tool Attachments - latest version 0.06 February 19th

Github Link Nexus Link


Additional Generators - Max Fuel increase - latest version 0.02 February 20th

Github Link Nexus Link


[TABLE=class: grid, width: 500, align: center]


[TD=align: center]DrsAugerHandles1.png.113ef4daaa2699e929cbd613e156a743.png[/TD]

[TD=align: center]


Better handles[/TD]

[TD=align: center]Decreases kickback/recoil from the motor tools[/TD]



[TD=align: center]DrsJerryCans1.png.bbff9bb8ba4ad1e333618ff4fa4ca798.png[/TD]

[TD=align: center]


Gas Tank 1, 2, 3[/TD]

[TD=align: center]10%, 50%, 100% increased size[/TD]



[TD=align: center][/TD]

[TD=align: center]


Reserve Gas Tank 1, 2, 3[/TD]

[TD=align: center]10%, 50%, 100% increased size & stacks with Gas Tank 1,2,or 3[/TD]



[TD=align: center]DrsAugerBlade1.png.6a55bb83076c11800bd0a46cfacf11a0.png[/TD]

[TD=align: center]


Barrel Extender 1, 2, 3[/TD]

[TD=align: center]10%, 25%, 50% increase in reach[/TD]



[TD=align: center]DrsTurboCharger.png.1645266ac00fb22d82192cac6c4b759f.png[/TD]

[TD=align: center]


Engine Turbo 1, 2, 3[/TD]

[TD=align: center]10%, 25%, 50% increase in speed[/TD]



[TD=align: center]DrsAugerBlade1.png.6a55bb83076c11800bd0a46cfacf11a0.png[/TD]

[TD=align: center]


Diamond Tip for Auger 1, 2, 3[/TD]

[TD=align: center]10%, 25%, 50% increase in block damage but -100% damage to wood[/TD]




[TD=align: center]


Tempered Chainsaw Frame 1,2,3[/TD]

[TD=align: center]Increases durability and reduces peruse degradation.[/TD]




[TD=align: center]


Noise Dampning Field[/TD]

[TD=align: center]Reduces how far noise carries and lowers heatmap.[/TD]







Future of the mod

1. Work towards balance - fun, and challenge

2. Changing recipes to reflect their nature to make it more immersive

3. Test the car battery in items.xml effect_group ModSlots to see if the batteries can be affected by a mod_item and if that can carry into the battery bank

4. Discover if a wider auger can be built and how those attributes work

5. Carbon Alloy Framing for the motortools to increase durability related values

6. Figure out how the tools affect the heatmap and if it can be separated from the sound values or if those are intrinsically linked. If it is separate and there is a heat specific value than a heat sink could be developed to soak up the heat rather than the Noise Dampner doing both.

7. Considering making a Reserve Fuel Tank attachment that would allow for a 2nd fuel tank attachment for even more fuel.

8. Schematic icons built and schematics activated

9. Recipes built/balanced and added into the progression tables. Considering making unique recipe requirements so that engineering & science are both needed or finding loot to craft these items.

10. loot.xml additions so the added items can be distributed.

11. Nail gun additions

12. Impact Wrench additions if I can get permission from Elucidus.

13. Get a lawnmower icon in and see if something in hold position could be good candidate for a future model addition of a lawnmower.

14. Make an sdx version and add a localization for better in game look.






I have only tested these in 17.2experimental but I am basing it on code of mods and xml tutorials that predate 17.2 so assume they should work in 17.1


Thank you to the whole modding community for all the wonderful effort you have put in to making this a great community.


Version History

0.06 Feb 19th

-added in Reserve Gas Tank with icon and tints that can stack with the other Gas Tank for those that prefer more gas over the other attachments. (Currently keeping both using a percentage increase rather than hard number, but may change that)

-added tint to thecustomicon in diamond blades

-adding the progression file and putting the recipes in to be bound to the gating system.

-added tint to the gas tank 2, 3

-added Chainsaw Tempered Frame mod (be careful this is a permanent attachment to your chainsaw and you can't change it out.


0.05 Feb 17th

Adding in the modMotorToolSilencer and its icon- currently, a little op for my gaming taste and this will likely be nerfed in future versions


0.04 Feb 17th

adds in original icons for Better handles, Gas tank (looks too much like a present and will likely change), and Engine Turbo. No stat changes at this time.


0.03 Feb 16th

Added in Better Handles to reduce kickback/recoil and added an icon for the auger blade.


0.02 Feb 16th

made 3 grades of each attachment and added 3 grades of Diamond tip for the auger

-modEngineTurbo1 = 10% increase in speed

-modEngineTurbo2 = 25% increase in speed

-modEngineTurbo3 = 50% increase in speed


-modGasTank1 = 25% increase in gas tank size

-modGasTank2 = 50% increase in gas tank size

-modGasTank3 = 100% increase in gas tank size


-modMotorToolExtension1 = 10% increase in range

-modMotorToolExtension2 = 25% increase in range

-modMotorToolExtension3 = 50% increase in range


-modDiamondTip1 = 10% increased block damage but -100% damage to wood

-modDiamondTip2 = 25% increased block damage but -100% damage to wood

-modDIamondTip3 = 50% increased block damage but -100% damage to wood


0.01 Feb 15th

Attachment mods for the Auger and Chainsaw:

Gas tank = 50% increased gas tank

Engine Turbo = 40% speed increase

Extended Reach = 50% further reach



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Nice! As soon as we get a chainsaw or auger, I'll add these! ;)


Version 0.05 is out adding in a noise dampner field attachment.


I find some of these are rather OP, at least for the recipe cost it requires to build them.


Been thinking that I might make a couple of them as permanent attachments rather than ones that you can remove once slotted.


Alwasy looking for feedback, especially when it comes to balancing.

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Been watching this thread from the start a few days ago and how you have moved so fast in this modlet.

..absolutely brilliant..Thankyou


I made The generator tank hold 3000 fuel.

Any chance you can make a mod for that aswell ?


Thanks :)


Got me going further down the rabbit hole of thought.


I will likely focus on a series: Drconfused Power Series


I mashed together a start with the generators by adding 2 more generators that can be crafted at the workshop after you have Engineering lvl 5.

Currently they just have a large fuel capacity. Generator 1 at 2000 and Generator 2 at 4000. I would love to expand on this thought and add in increased power and more efficient fuel use. Going to do some looking to see if I can manage to make the slots in the generators take in some mods and than change the system to adding attachments to the stalk power banks. Hopefully this can be done through xml.


Additional Generators - Max Fuel Increase

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Version 0.06 is now available


Adds in

-Reserve Gas Tank 1,2,3 which stacks with the other gas tank mod.

-Tempered Chainsaw Frame = note this is a permanent attachment to the chainsaw and can't be removed. Increases durability and reduces degredation per use.

-Puts all the recipes into the progression table, requiring science perk of certain levels to unlock recipe.


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Is there a way to "merge" your packs so it doesn't get those icon duplicate warnings on the server?


hey sorry I haven't been to active on here lately. I keep intending to deal with the duplicates that exist but haven't carved out the time to do so! Next free moment that I have longer than a few minutes I will get that dealt with.

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