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Edit an MP map for a dedicated server (manually placing prefabs)?


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I'm looking to edit an MP map for my dedicated linux server to add a bunch of copies of a prefab.


Basically we made a little battle arena that's great fun to run around killing each other in, but after a single match the arena is pretty much destroyed. :D I'd like to just make a map that has this prefab stamped in like 50 times, so after we thoroughly destroy one arena, we can just walk down the street to the next one and carry on.


I've gotten the arena saved out as a prefab, and I've figured out how the prefab menu works in-game, but unfortunately the controls to import and place a prefab don't work in MP.


I copied the map from the server to my PC and attempted to load it up in either the world editor or as a single-player game, but couldn't seem to get either to work.


Seeing as there's no way (that I was able to find) to get the prefab import to work in MP, can I copy the map from the server, edit it in SP / World Editor, and then copy it back to the server? I've been searching around for a solution but most of the info that I found about trying to do something like this is old, or points to old mod tools that don't exist anymore.


I'd also just like the ability to do more subtle edits to an MP map, which is why I'd like the ability to edit an existing map, rather than making a new one from scratch.



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So for anyone else who goes down this road, I figured out why I wasn't able to copy the map from my MP dedi server to my local client and load it. I had made a map in SP with the same name / seed as the MP dedi map and attempted to use that to load the map into the SP editor, but that wasn't working (it just crashed when trying to load). I figured out what I was doing wrong.


When I made the map on the MP dedi server, I made it with a non-standard map size (6k, I believe). When I made the local copy in SP, the only options that you have to pick from are 4k and 8k for map size. Even if the map seed is the same, if the map is a different size it will generate a different "county", and you won't be able to just copy the Region files over to edit them.


So I made a new map on both MP dedi and SP local; same seed, same map size, and now I can copy the Region files from the MP server to local, edit them and place prefabs (remember to Recalculate Stability before saving / logging out!), and then upload back to the server and it works fine.



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Just edit the worlds prefabs.xml and add them by coordinate.



In your Worlds Folder under map name... edit the prefab.xml

(you will need to know where in game you would like to place the prefab Coords and height)


after you height adjust the prefab you have inserted

(7d2d prefabs sometimes are at different heights, no common standardization )


Then delete the region file of that particular region under your saves folder



1) Backup Saves folder and all in it. Stop server.

2) Edit /Worlds folder Prefab.xml (follow the patterns)

3) Delete the saves/world name/regions **only the REGION YOU ARE EDITING (example : -1.11.7rg etc...)

4) Restart server and the new region prefab should be there.

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3) Delete the saves/world name/regions **only the REGION YOU ARE EDITING (example : -1.11.7rg etc...)


in alpha 18 is there currently a simple way to figure out the region files when there are dozens of them now?

dont run any kind of server management so i need to do it manually, is there a way? thanks



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