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(A20/A19) bdubyah's modlets


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Hey everyone,

just installed the buggy mod for A20 but it doesn't show up any recipe for making chassis and accessories to make it. Am i missing something here ? It's my favorite vehicle so far and would like to add it to my game. 

thanks for helping me out !

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Okay guys, here is the Wasteland update for A20! Just note that this mod should be considered an overhaul now as it has a lot of changes that will conflict with other mods. So do not expect any other mods to work with this, and do not come here saying my mod doesn't work if using other mods with it. Run it by itself and if there are issues, then please let me know. :)


And obviously, this will require a new game to function properly. And EAC MUST BE OFF!


The Wasteland
Updated to 2.5, for A20
Download at Git or Nexus


-Added: Attribute/Perk Overhaul, READ the green note you spawn with
-Added: Default backpack is now 60 slots, starts with 30 free slots, 30 encumbrance slots unlocked through perks/mods (Thanks to Khaine for letting me use his 60BBM mod <3)
-Added: Ability to level up crafting level of a single item by reading multiple schematics for the item, maxes out at quality level 5 this way
-Added: Broken versions of all non-primitive guns/bows that can be used to craft a working item with less parts needed
-Added: Glock 19 and Micro Roni pistols
-Added: Semi Auto Crossbow
-Added: Cattleprod spear
-Added: Mutant Scorpionfly, with new foods made from it
-Added: Snowberry can be farmed like other crops
-Added: Drink/Food using Snowberry and Super Corn
-Added: More normal armor mods and Power Armor mods
-Added: Drugs
-Added: Plasma weapon mods
-Added: More serious heatstroke/cold/pneumonia buffs
-Added: Powered variants of the new roll up doors, with 2 relay blocks that hide wires to use with them
-Added: Bicycle block that will give you a complete bicycle when picked up, is a rare spawn in place of some of the sedan/bus/work truck spawns
-Added: Vehicle mod support

-Changed: A20 Vanilla pipe weapons may only use the basic ammo(No HP/AP) and now require a workbench
-Changed: Vanilla pipe pistol switched to use .44 magnum ammo
-Changed: Vanilla pipe machine gun switched to use 9mm ammo, increased reload time, decreased rate of fire
-Changed: New lever action rifle now uses .44 magnum instead of 7.62
-Changed: Slightly lowered amount of RNG on items
-Changed: Increased death penalty that reduces max health by 3 for each death, up to 45, for an ingame week
-Changed: Infection gets worse much quicker(was 7 hours to hit 100%, now ~4 hours)
-Changed: Trader POIs no longer have protection (Protect Jen!) (Thanks to Khaine for the patch. <3)
-Changed: Reworked custom doors to hopefully help sync issues
-Changed: Armor now degrades twice as fast
-Changed: Repair Kits don't repair nearly as much
-Changed: Most weapons now use their parts to repair where it makes sense
-Changed: Some weapons have new sounds
-Changed: Nerfed gas crafting/vehicle usage increased
-Changed: Lowered amount of gas salvaged from cars
-Changed: Reduced ammo loot from zombies
-Changed: Reduced misc loot in trash
-Changed: Vending machines nerfed, less items, restock every 3 days
-Changed: Various trader inventory tweaks
-Changed: Rad Z will slow the speed of radiation poisoning for its duration
-Changed: Power armor pieces are now dye pieces that install into Power Armor Frame armor parts
-Changed: Full set of Power Armor will partially negate encumbrance debuff
-Fixed: Missing loc/icon for rad food buff
-Fixed: Various loc errors
-Fixed: Missing UnlockedBy values
-Fixed: Missing AltTypeIcons on some books
-Fixed: Rad-B-Gone showing rad screen effects when taken without rad poisoning
-Fixed: Missing colliders on some custom zeds for vehicle collisions
-Fixed: Oil Filter Suppressor on 10mm Revolver not following reload animation
-Fixed: Cop NRE when trying to target bandits

On Git and Nexus now. Might be on the launcher, but haven't checked.

Edited by bdubyah (see edit history)
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On 8/24/2020 at 2:03 AM, bdubyah said:

The Wasteland:


  Reveal hidden contents

This is the A19 versions of Nuka Colas and Wasteland Weapons, combined into one mod.



Raider NPCs. Melee and ranged variants of each. Also a boss variant. High health, high damage resistance. Regular guys drop loot like zombies, at a slightly higher rate. Boss guys have their own loot drop, at a 50% rate. They aren't perfect, but do well enough to present a challenge. They are mostly used in the new POIs, but they do have a small chance to spawn out in the wild.


Soldier NPCs. Similar stats and locations as the Raiders.


Mutant NPCs. Melee mutants that pack a punch. These can be in a few POIs, or out roaming the land. They can be in hordes as well.


Modified over 20 POIs to have Raiders, Soldiers, or Mutants instead of zeds. They are just slightly tweaked vanilla prefabs to make them not stand out. ;) They have similar loot to the vanilla POIs, with a few changes. They are full of enemies usually though, so be prepared. They are almost all quest options, with one a Tier 2, and most of them being Tier 4, with a couple being Tier 5. These are a good way to find energy ammo as well.


Power Armor. Thanks to Snufkin, I now have Power Armor. Comes in several different paint schemes. Can only be looted form Power Armor Stands located in random POIs, which are only lootable one time each. Repairs with special repair kits. Has unique mods that can be found in loot.

The mod now also includes the Nuka Factory prefab, so you don't need to use the separate files. You find the Factory, you might be able to learn the recipes!

If you've installed the prefab manually before, or have Compopack installed, make sure to delete those files so the modlet version loads!


There is also now a Vault 101 POI! Should spawn when generating a new world. Tier 5 quest location.


I also have included a mutant specific POI by arramus, the Behemoth's Abode! Should spawn when generating a new world.


 They mostly spawn well in RWG, and I've included the info I think is necessary to make them work with NitroGen. Let me know if it isn't right.


Take your pick from the classic Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry, Nuka Quartz, or the ever rare Nuka Quantum!

Each drink has its own buff. May cause certain side effects...

Can be looted almost any place normal water is found, but is very rare.
Also can be available in regular vending machines, so make sure to check
every one you find! Will give back a bottlecap when you drink one.

They can also be placed down as a block, similar to the torch, so you can use their warm, radiated light to see your


Sunset Sarsaparilla has been added. Similar effects and loot locations to Nuka Cola.

The Nuka Grenade, which can be crafted using Nuka Quantums.

The Bottlecap Minewhich is crafted from loot only lunchboxes and bottlecaps from Nukas. These
lunchboxes can also be placed down and used as storage. Can't pick them
back up though!

Nuka Vending Machine, which has a working and broken variant. They are added to the
placeholder block, so any POI that uses it has a chance to get one of
them instead of the regular machines. Won't work on existing saves though.

Sunset Sarsaparilla Vending Machine, which has a working and broken variant. They are added to the
placeholder block, so any POI that uses it has a chance to get one of
them instead of the regular machines. Won't work on existing saves though.


Melee Weapons:

Non-craftable. Found only in loot. Most are fairly weak, and break easily. Most repair with their dominant material, not repair kits. Gets bonuses from corresponding perks(Deep Cuts, Pummel Pete, etc.)

Banjo - Attacks like a light sledgehammer. Play some notes with a power attack!

Baton - Attacks like a club.

Cleaver - Attacks like a knife.

Crowbar - Attacks like a club.

Cuestick - Attacks like a spear. Power attack is just a stronger thrust.

Nail Board - Attacks like a sledgehammer.

Pipe Hammer - Attacks like a club.

Pipe Wrench - Attacks like a club.

Rebar Club - Attacks like a slow sledgehammer. Massive stamina usage, but very high damage.

Rolling Pin - Attacks like a club. Make Grandma proud!

Supa Sledge - Attacks like a sledgehammer. Keep a good grip on it!

Tire Iron - Attacks like a club.


Legendary Melee:

The Break - Custom pool cue. 

Duke's Judgement - Unique Supa Sledge.

Mad Bean's Club - Homemade club.

Navezgane Slugger - Unique baseball bat.

Open Breaker - Custom made heavy weapon.

Pipe Guns:

Fairly weak and has a low durability. Affected by appropriate perks.

Pipe Pistol - Simple homemade pistol. Low durability. Regular 9mm only.

Pipe Rifle - Crude rifle. Starts out as a short barrel. Low durability. Regular 9mm only.

Pipe Shotgun -
Pipes and some bolts. The Shotgun starts as a basic short barrel, single shot version which you can craft into a long barrel version at a workbench. Reload animations for the Shotguns are in, but the hands can't be fixed AFAIK. Regular shells only.

The pipe guns will break once they degrade!!!

Current weapon mods available:

Oil Filter Suppressor - Usable on the Pipe Pistol and Rifle, and most vanilla weapons. Can be wrenched from cars and in some loot. Big though, and limits ADS effectiveness. Slight loss of range and damage and also adds a small
increase to degradation of the weapon due to increased blowback.

Extended Mag - For the Pipe Pistol and Rifle. Doubles the pistol and rifle capacity, also actually shows on the gun, unlike vanilla. Only works on pipe guns.

Long Barrel - Versions for both the rifle and shotgun. This adds a longer barrel, increasing effective range. Makes hip fire more unwieldy, and also slightly increase weapon degradation. Works as a
mod for the rifle, used as a recipe ingredient for the shotgun.

Cylinder Mag - Can be used on long or short pipe shotguns. Ups the shell capacity to 4 rounds.

Homemade Flashlight - Custom attachment for all WW guns, and most vanilla weapons. Simple flashlight and duct tape. Not as effective as the regular weapon light mod.
Energy Weapons:


These scale with Advanced Engineering.

Laser Pistol - Rare military sidearm. Can be rarely found or crafted once a schematic is read. Accepts all laser attachments except the scope. Uses Energy Cells. Ammo has small chance to cause "Disintegration".


Laser Shotgun - Rare military firearm. Can be rarely found or crafted once a schematic is read.  Uses Shotgun Microfusion Cells. Ammo has small chance to cause "Disintegration".

Laser Rifle - Rare military firearm. Can be rarely found or crafted once a schematic is read. Accepts all laser attachments except the scope. Uses Microfusion Cells. Ammo has small chance to cause "Disintegration".

Plasma Pistol - Experimental military weaponry. Can be rarely found or crafted once a schematic is read.  Uses Plasma Energy Cells. Ammo has small chance to cause "Disintegration".

Plasma Rifle
- Experimental military weaponry. Can be rarely found or crafted once a schematic is read.  Uses Plasma Microfusion Cells. Ammo has small chance to cause "Disintegration".

Laser Weapon Mods:

Overcharged Capacitor - Increases damage output as well as magazine size. Slight degradation increase.

Laser Focuser - Increase damage slightly. Moderate increase to Max Range and Damage Falloff Range. Slight degradation increase.

Laser Splitter - Increase damage slightly. Fires 2 beams at once. Slight spread when hip firing, but can be accurate when ADS firing. Slight degradation

Laser Scope - Adds a scope. Only for the Laser Rifle. Slight damage increase. Works well with the Focuser.

Other guns:

10mm Pistol - Slightly more powerful than basic 9mm weapons. HP and AP rounds are learned from the same book as 9mm rounds. Schematic or loot only.

10mm Revolver - Slightly more powerful than basic 9mm weapons. HP and AP rounds are learned from the same book as 9mm rounds. Schematic or loot only.

10mm SMG - Slightly more powerful than basic 9mm weapons. HP and AP rounds are learned from the same book as 9mm rounds. Schematic or loot only.

Railway Rifle - If those puny bullets aren't cutting it, craft this bad boy and show them who's boss! Schematic or loot only.

FatMan Launcher - Only available in loot. Launches any mini mukes you come across and maybe something else... Loot only.

Lever Action Rifle - Old rifle, chambered in .44 Magnum. Crafts with hunting rifle parts. Accepts 8x scopes. Unlocks with the Dead Eye perk, level 3, or schematic.

Triple Barrel Shotgun - Quality, custom shotgun. Good room clearing weapon. Unlocks with the Boomstick perk, level 3, or schematic.

Combat Shotgun - Military-grade shotgun. Good room clearing weapon. Schematic or loot only.

Service Rifle - Old military infantry rifle. Loot only.

Heavy Sniper- Old 7.62 military rifle. Comes with a scope. High damage, semi-auto. Unlocks with the Dead Eye perk, level 5, or schematic.

Incinerator - Highly modified military flamethrower. Uses custom ammo. Launches molotov-like projectiles. Schematic or loot only.

Flare Gun
- Survival flare gun. The gun itself it loot only but you can craft more flares.

Schematics are rare loot or a quest reward.



Nuka Grenade - Powerful grenade. Unlocks with the Demolitions Expert perk.

Cryo Grenade - Powerful grenade. Damages and slows enemies. Unlocks with the Demolitions Expert perk.


Legendary Guns:

Silent But Deadly - Custom pistol. Comes with a silencer. Higher capacity.

Long Distance - Unique rifle. Has a 4x scope. Higher dismemberment chance.

Firestarter - Quality homemade shotgun. Single shot. Very high limb dismemberment. Accepts all shells and applies Dragon's Breath to them.

Lincoln's Repeater - .44 Magnum lever action rifle. Able to penetrate multiple targets. High dismemberment. Accepts 8x scopes.

Maria - 9mm. High capacity. Moderate dismemberment. Accepts a reflex sight.

Pew Pew- Higher damage and magazine capacity.

AER-15 Prototype - Unique prototype variant of the laser rifle. Higher damage per beam and shoots 5 rounds in one trigger pull. Hip fire behaves more like a
shotgun while aimed fire allows heavy damage to a single target.

Alien Blaster- Wait, what?

Cryolator- Custom made weapon that damages and slows enemies. Affected enemies move slower and take more damage. Critical hit freeze enemies. Very rare ammo that can only be looted.

Arizona Campaign Scout Rifle - Modified Heavy Sniper.

Le Fusil Terribles - Absolutely terrible shotgun. Don't use this.

Can be found in certain loot. Also can be a quest reward. Very rare.
Legendary weapons won't permanently break.


















Install into the 7_Days_To_Die\Mods folder.


Git: Click Here

Nexus: Click Here


im receiving a Progression.xml error , said not in dictionary, created new game and cant access the skills. is there a fix for that? thanks!


edit: found out it was my other mod conflicting..smh

Edited by HYper
wow, it's my other mod..smh sorry im a noob lol (see edit history)
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is there a way to change dehydration or remove it?


game became unplayable as i'm dehydrated to no end, drinking nuka and even the powerade looking blue drink and 10 bottle water didnt help remove it, pls let me know how i can get rid of that option, i love everything else about the mod, from nuka to mutant to the guns.

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10 hours ago, bdubyah said:

I haven't really messed with that at all. The Survival attribute helps manage food/water drain, but the base rates at which you burn through it haven't been changed.

odd, maybe its infection plus that? or is infection affecting dehydration? i havent installed anything else, this is my 1st experience with that. 





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Infection does increase stamina drain I think, which would increase thirst. So it's possible. It drains fairly fast on its own, especially early game when you're running around on foot all the time. Being infected on top of that will probably make it pretty rough to maintain.

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The only real change you can make is how often they spawn in the wild. Look at entitygroups.xml at Biome Spawn Additions starting at line 125. The group names are pretty self explanatory. Just up the prob values for whatever you want to spawn more often.

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5 hours ago, bdubyah said:

Infection does increase stamina drain I think, which would increase thirst. So it's possible. It drains fairly fast on its own, especially early game when you're running around on foot all the time. Being infected on top of that will probably make it pretty rough to maintain.

oddly though i used antibiotics so it shouldn't be the reason.  new game is still happening.

it has to be a buff but idk which, i do see like a lightning buff, maybe thats it? can you tell from image?

Edit: oh wow, its radiation. i took rad pills and water shot up to 113 from this image.

can i lower the rate of that, if so, how?


(its like the water level drops every .2 sec so its massive.


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40 minutes ago, bdubyah said:

So you say you haven't installed anything else, but I see something called "Sleepiness" in you debuffs there. What is that? And I also don't recognize the one with the lightning bolt. You gotta have other mods active...

yeah before, i slowly added the other mods.  i just removed it again and it's still doing it without those other "buffs".


and the sleepiness was telric's mod.

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6 hours ago, bdubyah said:

That's easily accomplished by the player themselves. I balance the mod how I want it to be. If you want it to be different, edit it yourself. I can't cater to everyone.




So much THIS!  I ❤️ what Bdub has done with The Wasteland to give us Fallout (at least 3, NV & 4) fans a great experience.  But we don't necessarily think alike on how the game should handle certain things. 

Real examples - #1 - Bdub uses Khaine's 60 slot backpack in The Wasteland.  I (and the folks I play with) like to use a 90 slot backpack. 
#2 - I like harvestable and lootable zombie, mutant, and raider corpses.  Bdubyah?  Not so much. 
#3 - Bdub wants vehicles to use more fuel, and for fuel to be more scarce, whereas I think a 4x4, even with stupid gas consumption rates, should still be able to make multiple trips back and forth across an 8k map before running out of gas.  After all 8k is only about 5 miles.  Even at a ridiculously low 10 miles per gallon, a 15 gallon (US) gas tank should get you 150 miles of range.  That's 30 trips from one edge of the map to the other.

Solution?  I have made my own mod collection of tweaks and stuff that I call "Xtended Wasteland" (so it loads after The Wasteland does). It makes my game fit more into my idea of a proper 7 Days to Fallout.    Now that The Wasteland has been updated for A20, rather than bug him to make changes I'd like, I'm updating Xtended Wasteland to do it.

If this 60 year old dinosaur can teach himself how to do XML/Xpath modding, I think most folks can.  And I have found that Bdubyah (and most of the rest of the modding community like KhaineGB, Guppycur, magejosh, et al) to have been incredibly helpful at pointing to where I should be looking for errors in my code, with advice on how to make changes and tweaks, and answering questions.

If you want to make the effort to do your own edits, I think you will get the same kind of encouragement and support I have received.  👍 🖖 😊


Edited by Evil_Geoff
Spelling and grammar corrections (see edit history)
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11 hours ago, Nerhesi said:

I dont mind it being an overhaul assuming there are some pre-attached config options. Perhaps one that makes body shots count for less, but headshots stronger. Perhaps one to give you 3 different kinds of spawn variety (More raiders? more zombies? more both?) etc

I get what you're saying here, but this really is something that could be said of the Vanilla default game as a whole, that The Wasteland could also benefit from. It's a big ask for the creator to implement something like this that the devs have opted to currently leave out. This release is actually very well balanced without needing to change anything or bring anything else in. It has got to this stage through the creator's vision of where things are heading as well as constant feedback from the community to share how that vision plays out in reality.


On a personal level, I have put more hours playing The Wasteland than I care to mention, and have been able to see the direction it took to get to where it is now. It was a natural progression of bringing in a solid working base, periodic updates and additions, followed by the most recent level of sophistication which sees things move from 'DLC Add On' to standalone 'Overhaul' in its own right.


There are a lot of games out there that provide untold configurable options which can be tweaked dynamically. Even some pre-2000 titles were well up on giving players/server hosts a whole array of options. What you are saying is a very valid request and maybe one that could be added into TFP's 'Wish List'. The Twitch pet project with 'dancing zombies', 'swollen heads', and 'firework displays' has certainly been given a lot of attention and its gone way beyond a few toggle-able game settings, so it is clearly well within TFP's means.


Saying that, there are still numerous mods that will run alongside The Wasteland to provide Quality of Life changes specific to the end user's needs simply because an abundance of underlying code remains untouched Vanilla. And should there be something you can't find or get working, you can always ask Evil_Geoff and others for pointers.

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Quick and perhaps noobish question:


I've been testing out A20 wasteland locally - getting a lot of issues with those null reference exception errors when I check out the specific Wasteland Mod POIs. It seems to be issues with spawning the wasteland NPCs.... Is this a mod thing or a general game thing? For example, I'll go the Remenant_wasteland poi, the consol will come up and scroll 7-15 errors instead of spawning actually super mutants. However, I'll notice that the animals were spawned fine (snakes, wolves, vultures, etc).


Is this an issue with Wasteland? Is it an issue with me zooming around in god mode? thanks

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thanks again.  been playing it with no issues, for noobs, DO NOT put any other mods. lol


got 1 question, for the skill/perk, is it like vanilla, to change skill use the forget elixir?, is there another way to advance say intellect after i full leveled and used books for say, luck and strength?

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51 minutes ago, MB_Campbell said:

I have recently installed the BRDM-2.  My buddy who also installed the mod, pointed out an issue with fuel.  When the fuel tank mod is installed, and the tank is at full, when you log out or leave playfield, the fuel goes to 12% from 100%.  I recreated the issue in my game also.

Did some testing and I think I figured it out. the Capacity cannot exceed what I assume is 1024 or so. And the BRDM is set to 800, so when that mod gets used on it, it goes over. Which causes issues. I'll have to adjust it and a few others that have a high Capacity. I'll update them once I test it for sure.

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