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(A19) bdubyah's modlets


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I have a player i am hosting a server for and he is getting this error message.


I have been looking for a fix or possible cause in the forums and on nexus.

we are using these 2 mods.


Bdub's Vehicles (A19)

The Wasteland (A19)


The only other note i can make is the host is running linux debian 10 and we use the Botman server manager.


Thank you for any help you can provide and IF i need to get more details just list them, you will need to specify Host or Player files.


Here is the screen shot he sent me.



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I visited the Nuka Factory with the mix of Raiders, Zombies, and Radiated Ghouls for good measure. Very testy at times but well worth tackling as a quest brings so many returns on top of a healthy net gain in ammo from stashes and Raider loot.




Not really a place to tackle until your armor is up to it and you've found a few useful books.


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Just gonna throw this out there for anyone who wants to join up.


Bdub's Wasteland Server (TX,US):
Wasteland_Balanced (made by arramus)
75 minute days
100% XP
100% Loot


The Wasteland (using the version from the Testing repo, not the public version.)
Bdub's Vehicles AIO

2x Biome Zombies

EpicSpire's Trader Tier Reward System

Khaine's Lockable Inv Slots

Khaine's 60 slot backpack


Just a chill server I'm going to play on to help test/balance my stuff. Planning on pushing this current test release here soon, then waiting till a20 for new updates other than important bug fixes. Will run through a20's release until I am ready to update my mods for the new alpha, then will likely reset.

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Just an update, I am having a few random NREs on the server, so beware of that. Still mostly playable, but I would avoid it until I figure them out and fix them. Also swapped to PREGEN02 as that map was just too big and had a few POI errors.

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The Wasteland
Updated to 2.4, for A19.6
Download at Gitlab or Nexus

-Added: A couple new various POIs, from arramus <3
-Added: Periodic screen effects when you have rad poisoning
-Added: 2 new single shot shotguns
-Added: Magnum Buckshot ammo
-Added: 2 1911 pistol versions
-Added: Thompson SMG
-Added: Vector SMG
-Added: .45 ACP ammo types
-Added: Harpoon Gun, with Harpoon Bolt and Net ammo types (Gotta loot it from a specific zed...)
-Added: Several new zeds, with multiple texture variants. Regular and Feral versions. Should spawn everywhere vanilla zeds do
-Added: Mutant Dogs, spawn in all biomes, more in wasteland and desert
-Added: Mutant Scorpions, spawn in desert and wasteland
-Added: Hunters, can spawn everywhere
-Added: Mosquitoes, can spawn everywhere
-Added: Aliens...?
-Added: Several new foods based on new creatures
-Added: Two new magazines
-Changed: Both Rad and Feral Ghouls will heal zeds and mutants that are within their buff range
-Changed: Feral Ghouls now have a small health drain as part of their buff
-Changed: Small changes to the Power Armor Stealth Crouch perk: Faster crouch walk, no stam use when crouch running, harder to detect when crouching
-Changed: Removed crosshairs on most weapons when aiming
-Changed: Updated POI list for KingGen 13.1
-Changed: Various loot tweaks
-Fixed: Bull Rush perk being lost on death(will need to read the book again if you died since reading it the last time)
-Fixed: Incorrect downgrade block on van wreck
-Fixed: BAR iron sight offset
-Fixed: Couple missing item unlock info

On Git, the launcher and Nexus now.

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This will probably be the last update before a20, unless any big bugs are found. I will try and get it updated to a20 as quick as I can, but it will definitely not release before a20 is out of experimental. But my plan is to use the EXP time to make some of the bigger changes to loot and stuff, and I would like to overhaul perks/skills as well, but that will probably have to wait till later on in a20.

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Might be a long shot since I haven't seen anybody else talking about it but when using the POI list for King Gen 13.1 I keep getting an error where 3 lines are being discarded.  Specifically the lines are for NukaFactory2, Nuka_Factory, and Old_House01.  Looking at the list I can't see anything that would be throwing it off like a trailing space or something but I don't want to miss out on the POIs designed specifically for the mod.  There anything I can do?

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I think I might have maybe solved it actually, so sorry for the false alarm.  Changed the 3 entries to look like:


King Gen still tells me it's skipping line 549 so I just commented it out and edited these to add the missing township values.  Thanks for the great mod btw.

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Looks like the Nuka Factory ones had an incorrect biome listed, and Old_House01 was missing the township bits. Got it fixed on my end but probably won't push an update for just that.



I'll just post it here in case anyone needs it.

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Not new to playing mods but new to this one. I tried manually installing it and am not having any luck. I dropped the contents of the "The Wastelands" folder into my mods folder. When I launch the game it does not appear to have been installed. 


I also tried to use the new Unity ModLauncher and it did work at all. "Seemed" to work after a long time and then when I launched the game, it through a crap ton of console errors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




I figured it out. I had to to leave it in the The Wastelands folder and then it worked.

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I just tried using the vehicle pack along with the compatability pack for Darkness Falls and the Box truck hostess B is failing to load and prevents anyone from getting into their server. Figure I would bring this up.


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I did not make nor do I maintain the DF patch. I don't think it has been kept up to date with my mod or DF. Mythix made it, so you could ask him if he will update it. 


That said it sounds like you have a different problem. I'd reinstall it and make sure it's correct. 

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So how do you use this? I downloaded it for the vanilla game. I put it in the mods folder (unzipped , just one folder deep [Bdubs Vehicles] before the configs and such) then i generated a new world (vanilla, not nitro or king). Now with debug i can see that the mechanics trader spawned. But all the cars on the road are vanilla, do these not spawn outside? Am i thinking of the wrong mod that generates repairable wrecks?

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