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Home Server setup struggles


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Hey, hoping someone can help me out.


I've got a local game using a random gen seed on a laptop I want to move over to a server I have running at home. Specs are fine, hardware is good etc.


So I go to C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Roaming\7DaystoDie\Saves\Zohare Territory\Freeton on the PC and copy the files over to the server at basically the same location (Windows Server)


Then I go into the serverconfig.xml



<property name="GameWorld" value="Navezgane"/>


<property name="GameWorld" value="Zohare Territory"/>



<property name="GameName" value="Freeton"/>


Then when I try to start the server I get an error that it can't find the files Zohare Territory


I've also tried moving the saves into the Navezgane directory, it will load but then like it loads the map wrong and it gets odd. Just looking for advice on how to approach this so it works. I'm going to try it on a Ubuntu VM I setup as well but I expect it's something to do with the path + serverconfig.xml and the fact it's a random gen/seed map.


Thanks for any help!

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