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PlayerPrefsException: Could not store preference value issue


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Hi. We currently have a server running with GTX Gaming, and about once a week, the server will lock up and become unresponsive. If I go to the control panel for the game, I can see that when initializing it gets to "PlayerPrefsException: Could not store preference value" and then stops. GTX Gaming have said this is a "known issue" with 7D2D, and that the only way they can fix it is to physically reboot the machine it's on i.e. myself or anyone restarting the server through their control panel doesn't cut it.


As such every time this happens, I have to raise this as a ticket and wait for them to reboot.


So I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue and if there was a workaround/fix I could carry out myself when it happens?


All help greatly appreciated as usual :)



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Not an issue I'm familiar with, and if it was a known issue, I'd usually know it. Some things slip through as I've been on like 5 projects lately, but that seems like an issue I'd have run into by now since I host 6 servers.


Could you drop one of those logs into pastebin or justpaste.it? (maybe the latter because server logs get kinda big.)

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