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New (old (in brackets)) game pumping system


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At once I will say that the meaning can be distorted, as I write through a translator.



All this is discussed very actively, and complain. I like the game, but the principle of the game in my opinion was perfect in alpha 15. For there was not a single thought that I needed to constantly experience.


It's a good idea to increase the duration of the game, but in my opinion the wrong strategy is to stretch existing content instead of making new one.


Previously, I could easily start a new game, or join a server or person. And in an hour to deal with the basics - now it takes about 3-5 hours to start the game, which makes the thought that it is possible to start the game again, and reassemble all this experience is horrible.

--- END OF ENTRY ---


1. In order not to drive the game into the framework of numbers, and to make it realistic, and not vice versa (as the developers wanted), I think that partly you need to take the old system of perks into circulation

- Return to each part of the tools, and weapons physical ability to pump your skill EXAMPLES:

- Shooting an archery is pumping archery (an amazing phenomenon) - Minerals mining is pumped out by mining minerals - pistol shooting is pumped by pistol shooting - WHAT TO CHANGE?

- Remove the ability to pump this skill manually, at the expense of skill points, as it was in 16 alpha.


2. Immediately I will say, I already have ready-made scripts, how to make perks, what functions they will have, values, alpha balance for them. I will be ready to paint all this completely, if you say that you have an interest in this. This topic of discussion is, as it were, the alpha topic of the reasoning of this question.


3. Return the old system of books with recipes. - Many have already spoken on this issue, and with many I agree - the new books carry almost no value, except to hand them over to the trader.

-Many responded that it was part of the gameplay, when researching found something unexpectedly important. Yes, and I enjoyed it when I was wandering around the houses, and I accidentally found a recipe, such as a crossbow or a metal leggings.

-So should also be removed from the crafting window, information about those items that have not been studied. For a person to be especially unexpected and pleasant to find some kind of recipe that he does not know.

-Just by the way, to find the recipe "minibikek for dummies", it was especially incredible.


4. While on this stop. In general, first of all I would like to fully address the system of physical perks that relate to melee combat, ranged combat, and survival.

-As for crafting, and other intellectual activities, I would like to understand further, because the discussion will take 5 times more paper.


In general, if there are many who wish, I will sign for the most reworked system of perks that relate to physics. With all the special skills that flow from ordinary skills. I would like attention to this issue, a little, and from the developers themselves of course

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I don't have much time to post atm so I won't reply to everything.


To ask for more content, in order to elongate progression, is the easiest thing, but it's not like they can pull endless content out of their ...magic hats or something. The game allowed you to skip a lot of content - still does to an extend - and that is a pretty big waste. It had to be stretched/paced. It still needs to be paced especially loot-wise. Was the way it was stretched good/intuitive (e.g. tech recipes being tied to rigid levels)? That's another story.


The game starts from second 1, fact. The real question is "why do you feel the game starts from hour x"? Most likely the answer is related to the way the game was stretched. But it can always just come down to personal preference (one may not really want to play a paced zombie apocalypse simulator but just to shoot zombies in the face or just chill and build a skyscraper).

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