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Reverting to a16.3? Having both a16 and a17 installed?


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So, before I upgraded to a17 I backed up the entire a16.3 7 Days to Die folder. Not gonna go into specifics as it's been rehashed enough on this forum, but basically my group and I are going back to a16 for the foreseeable future.


Is it as simple as just running the game from that backed up folder? What about the profile and settings in the %appdata% folder, is that compatable between a17 and a16, or would I need to clear that out if I switch back and fourth?


I'm wanting to run a16 on the side to play with my group and solo, and then run a17 periodically to check on update progress and possibly do some more modding on it in the future to bring back the fun we have in a16.


Also, I notice the only availible beta version for a16 in steam is a16.4, not a16.3. Does that mean the only way to play the specific version I have (a16.3) is through the backed up folder I made? (We've got mods in it that I can't find for a16.4 and I don't know that they're compatible, so ideally we'd stay on 16.3 just for simplicity's sake.)

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Follow this guide...


[h=3]Sticky: Guide: How-To download almost every past Steam version of 7 Days To Die from Steam[/h]

You can get literally any previous build you wish, even if it's not listed in Steam.


Yes, in most cases it is literally as easy as just running it from a different folder. You can add an argument to the client startup to re-direct the save folder location as well so it's not getting mixed in with other builds. (I cannot for the life of me recall the argument offhand, but Red Eagle has it posted around here somewhere.)

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