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Need Mods to make more trader and trader in town


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This is how you would add traders to towns. Make a new folder in your mods folder. make a text file in named rwgmixer.xml and put this in that file.

	<insertAfter xpath="/rwgmixer/prefab_rules/prefab_rule[@name='townGroup']/prefab[@rule='detailFillerGroup']" >
		<prefab rule="traderGroup"/>


I use the combopack so you may want to open your rwgmixer and make sure you have townGroup with detailFillerGroup in it. If you have townGroup but there isn't a detailFillerGroup under it, then just replace detailFillerGroup with whatever is last.

This is the section that is getting changed.

              <prefab_rule name="townGroup">
		<prefab rule="residentialOldGroup"/>
		<prefab rule="residentialNewGroup"/>
		<prefab rule="commercialGroup"/>
		<prefab rule="downtownGroup"/>
		<prefab rule="industrialGroup"/>
		<prefab rule="ruralGroup"/>
		<prefab rule="detailFillerGroup" prop="0.05"/>


Red eagle has a mod that increases traders in the wilderness so you could download his then just add the xpath above to it. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?94219-Red-Eagle-LXIX-s-A17-Modlet-Collection-(UI-Blocks-Quests)

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<append xpath="/rwgmixer/prefab_rules/prefab_rule[@name='commercialGroup']">
   <prefab rule="traderGroup" min_count="0" max_count="1" prob="0.015"/>


is a block you can use in rwgmixer.xml to add the possibility of a single trader from the traderGroup to be spawned in each commercialGroup with low probability. Actually not different from scwanobi's suggestion other then limiting it to commercial zones and i assume a lower chance.

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