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Loot Level


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Looking to rebalance loot probabilities and loot quality levels in the loot xml and wondering if someone can give a clear explanation of how the “level” is being determined / interpreted.


For the loot probability, it first seems to imply it is player level then later is has tables going to 9xx.


The level for loot quality implies it is a combination of player level and gamestage. How it that calculated and what are the upper and lower bounds?


Any help is appreciated.



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So if the max level is 300 and max difficulty multiplier is 2.0, then the max single player gamestage would be 1200?

Which at 0.2 for diminishing returns and 1.0 for a startingweight means a max party gamestage of 3600.


Can you explain how loot gamestage is calculated? Is it just added to party gamestage?

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