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Stealth POIs


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One thing i would love to experience in 7DTD is POIs dedicated to stealth.


Don't get me wrong, i like killing off zombies and enjoy going stealthily through buildings as much as simply carving my way through bluntly. The point is, there aren't any POIs specifically dedicated to going through them stealthily.


Sure, you could practically go in the shadows and kill most Zs in many POIs without drawing the attention of all of them. What i mean is, we need buildings where you also have a specific route to explore, but it's not riddled with enemies and there is a way to go through without killing some if not all of them.


Now you have to plow through zombies like they are necessary, but maybe they could be spawned in places allowing you slow, stealth passing without gathering their attention. Another way would be if they were placed in another floor (pit or above) and would surprise players if they acted not stealthily (there are a couple house POIs where Zs can jump from the attic down, but rarely do, unless you're loud).


What you guys think about this? Any other ideas in this regard you see anywhere?

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These would be nice to see. They would motivate the player who invested in stealth perks, who like stealth gameplay and who don't want to level up (and advance gamestage).


It would take its toll on the devs however, as stealth scenarios are a work of creativity, design and mechanic precision as opposed by something that can be randomized.


The Deus Ex and Far Cry franchise comes to mind. Slowing down the shooter impulse and having a look around would reveal secret pathways for the discreet player.

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