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Blocks to Avoid/Watch Out For? A16 to A17 Prefab Update Tips?


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Looking for any tips from you guys who may have been doing A17 prefab updates. I'm looking to update the Paintball Prefab and the Pet Shop prefab to be a bit more in step with the more current blocks and some of the more current techniques they use in A17 prefabs. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Afaik some of the decor blocks are bugged (they cause nonstop console message if in inventory; I think garbage_decor1, garbage_decor2 and garbage_decor3).


You might find my block map interesting (a prefab that contains all available blocks). It doesn't have a good structural integrity. So don't use it outside the ingame editor:


**Removed Link**




Sorry wrong link (that was the link to the old block map from a17 experimental). This is the right one:



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You're right decals1, decals2 and decals3 seem to be buggy. garbage_decor blocks are ok.


I think the solution to that problem when you accidently grab it is to follow these steps exactly.


1. freak out at your keyboard.

2. spam click the bad block in your tool belt.

3. burn your PC.


Also... I found if I disable DM and then re-enable DM, I can tab to get into my inventory and move the offending item off my toolbelt and at least drop it on the ground.


- - - Updated - - -


Also... WHYyyyy did I-Beams and Paints... and I think... A sleeper block, have to die?

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What do you mean? I assume you know how to use the ingame converter?


sho don't. But I grabbed the POI from Magoli's Compo-Pack. I thought he goes through them but perhaps not all of them. It's fine. I wanted to clean up some stuff anyway. And some of the paint I was using apparently is just gone. So may as well clean it up by hand.


Though I do have another POI that I could use cleaning up. I'll have to find that converter.

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You can find the instructions in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config\blocksA16PrefabConversion.xml


The ingame converter is basically a couple of console commands for the ingame editor.


I pulled the POI out of Magoli's Compo-pack. I'm guessing that's largely what he does when he rolls to a new version. I'll give it a go with my Pet Store though. I want to update that as well. Thanks Pille! Nice to see ya again man!

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