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End Game Idea: The Cure?


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So having played 7DtD for quite some time, I was thinking about the end game (which it currently doesnt have yet), and I would like the suggest the following ideas. I call it "The Cure?". A17.



Part 1- Find Medicine)

After youve done the various quests from the Trader up to the max Tier, Trader Rekt will randomly give a special quest to find medicine at the Pop n Pills Hospital. So you go there and find the quest item BUT you also find a Computer/ Notepad/ Journal item that you can interact with or you kill the special Lab Coat Zombie which drops a loot bag which contains a note.


The Note/Computer says:

"Dave, I think I found out where the Zombies came from. I found a coroners report, stating that a cadaver came back to life during a autopsy. The Cadavar came in from the <Shotgun Messiah HQ> - Jane"


Part 2 - Guns, Lots of guns)

After reading the note, you get a quest to go to the Shotgun Messiah. Whilst clearing Shotgun Messiah, a Zombie Dog will spawn near the end. After killing the Dog, its drops a lootbag which contains a "Cloth Fragment" <Quest Item> the cloth fragment has a name and address on and you deduce that:


"This dog must have been the animal that killed the original Zombie."


Part 3 - Batch 74204)

After you read the cloth fragment you get a quest to go to a House POI. After going through the House POI, you find a medicine cabinet and in it some medicine with a label on it <Quest Item>. The label reads:


""Experimental batch 74204 (Easter egg - the numbers are the position of letters in the alphabet 7DtD). Take no more than 3 Times a Day"


Turns out Patient Zero was part of some clinical trials, theres only 1 place that does that, Higashi Pharmaceuticals""


Part 4 - Drugs are Bad)

You go to the Higashi Pharmaceuticals building and get to the floor where they find the big test tubes with zombies in them. On that floor, the player kills another Lab Coat Zombie which drops a loot bag, that contains another quest item. It reads:


""Paracetamol,phenylalanine,caffeine,guaifenesin, Sham Sandwich


These look like ingredients but Sham Sandwich? What on earth?!"


You decide to go to Shamways HQ to find out whats goes into a Sham sandwich."


Note: The list of ingredients are for a flu tablet, but the Sham Sandwich was just what the assistant wanted for lunch, which was mistakenly put into the faulty batch.


Part 5 - Shrooms)

You arrive at the Shamways HQ and begin clearing your way to the main office. In that office, you find the Shamway safe. In the safe you find a report, the report says:


""Sandwiches are boring with just bread and filling! Lets add some colour to them to make it fun. Suggest using the green mushrooms found in the local mine."


Mushrooms? Interesting, If I can find one, maybe we can find out its properties."


You are is sent to a Mine POI


Part 5 - That'll do Pig)

After traveling to the Mine, you clear out the zombies and find Gracie, a huge green irradiated pig. You kill the pig to get the <Quest item> or the journal is auto updated with the following:


"Looks like this freak of a pig, was ♥♥♥♥ting on the mushrooms and making them grow funny. I heard there was a trader that used to be a doctor, maybe they can do something"


You then either get pointed to Trader Jen or you have to find her.


Part 6 - Cure?)

After finding Trader Jen, you interact with her and the Journal Updates:


"You tell Jen about what you had to go through to get the mushroom. Turns out Jane and Jen were sisters. After finding out the outcome of her sister Jen agrees to help to examine the mushroom, but she needs a sample from an Irradiated Feral Wight since they will have the most bio data to work with"

Part 7 - Meats back on the menu)

After you kill a Irradiated Feral Wight there is a random chance it drops a loot bag. In that loot bag is some Rotten flesh. You take the flesh back to Jen and the journal is updated.


"Jens going to work do her science stuff and maybe she can come up with a cure to the Zeds, but its going to take some time. She says give her a week."


Note: The idea here is for the player to survive another horde and give them time to loot/ build or do whatever really.


Part 8 - Good news or Bad?)

After 1 week, you return back to Jen, but shes got some bad news. Journal updates:


"Jen did her experiments and turns out there is no Cure for the Zeds. Nothing can turn them back to Humans from their zombie state, however she did find how to put a end to the zombies regeneration"

You receive the Rad Remover Mod


Part 9 FINALE: Time to get out of town)

"After the hearing disappointing news, You decide theres nothing to keep you from staying in this town".


You are pointed to a quest marker at the edge of the map. Once the quest marker is activated, Zombies are clear in the surrounding area and the Credits are shown listing all devs and staff at TFP (skippable). Followed by the following:


"Well I guess im done here, but am I? Can I can just leave this place with all the dangers that exists? Maybe I should keep clearing, but for what purpose or maybe my help can be of use elsewhere? What should i do?"


Player is given a choice to

Stay: (Continue playing the current playthrough)

Leave: (Player leaves current playtrough and taken to the seed generation page. Once generated, players profile is saved and transferred to new map with existings, Items, Levels & Gamestage.)



Part 9 is only available in Single Player. In multilayer, the quest line goes up to Part 8


I think gives a nice RPG element to the games and the quest gives a nice variety of play styles aswell as taking the player through the new POI's and introducing them to the zombies.


Tell me what you guys think of this idea.

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We have already seen that there is a possibility to create quests (even in A16). Considering how A17 introduces the quest framework itself, you could create a chain of quests that result in such a story. Not sure about spawning specific items, but i think it's pretty plausible.


Interesting idea for an "end game", though i dunno if it is plausible to continue game with the current items/player data on a new map. TFP should reply to that.

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After the day 800..in the Edge of the map. You can go to another navezgane. Driving across a huge long map. Full of radiation.all wasteland And super zombies. You need a mega Uber school bus/mobil base full of weapons in orden to survive this. It's another Game inside this game.somekind of exodus. Sorry for the inglish

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