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Character Profile Voice Clips... New and Casual Player Support + Add To Game Feel


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I know this is going to get tossed into Pimp Dreams... Caaan ya mods give this a lil bit to be tossed around by us players?


Though maybe not a new idea, I was thinking about my experience with A17 and how... I feel... as though I've gotten that "New Player Experience" with A17 much more so than A15 or A16. Seems like so much changed in such little ways I had to relearn how to play the game. Some... Bitter sweetness in all of that. But I have to confess, even after all my pissing and moaning... it's growing on me. A17 specifically.


Just my opinion, but A17 is going to be notably tougher for a new player than prior versions of the game. And I started wondering, rather than killing off ferals at certain points of the game... What if there were indicators on POI's and such that denoted difficulty. Not exactly easy. Spikes on a POI doesn't really mean it's going to be way tougher than others. Some that buildings are spray painted with warnings, but I can see new players getting really frustrated not being able to determine if a POI is within their capability or not.


And it occured to me. What if our characters had a bit of a sixth sense? I mean... They practically get super powers in some aspects now. Why not?


So... Why not an "alert" voice over when a character spawns a POI's volumes and their character gets a voice warning in their profile specific voice of "I sure do have a bad feeling about this...".


Which got me thinking, that would be kinda cool anyway. And to me, very in theme with the game.


Jack Kill a Zombie Dog: "I never liked dogs much anyway."

Some nerd profile kills a Zombie Dog: "I told you I was going to make a coat out of you! Or.. hmm."


Jack Approaches a POI with ferals: "Something's a little to exited in there..."

Jack Approaches a POI with Rad Zombies: "I swear I smell a nuke around here..."



I would suspect the argument would be that some people wouldn't like the hint. That not knowing is a part of the fun. Even if there was no setting to disable such a feature, you don't know WHERE they'll be. You can assume near the end, but some of those volumes can pop ferals+ in other parts of the POI too. And those who are worried about the surprise being ruined, you're probably already figuring out what POI's are going to be nasty and what ones aren't.


Just an idea that I thought did two things kinda nicely.


1. Helps out new players and casual players too by limiting how overwhelmed they may get.

2. Adds to the feel of the game. I thought the Trader voice overs were a really cool touch. I think this would go along those lines rather well.


Wondered what others thought about this?

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No point making a warning voiceover when danger is literally all around you, in literally all POIs etc. If there was actually any chance at all for the POI to be safe or something like that, then it would make sense. But since all POIs are death traps/dungeons, it is kinda pointless and repetitive. Just like with your followers in Skyrim saying their "cave line" when you're near a cave. Its fun at first, but as soon as you hear all the lines it gets super annoying.

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