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Bedroll & Land Claim Block Issues or Intended Mechanic??

Lt. Venom

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In the last three saved single player games (complete with different names and seeds), the bedroll and the land claim block will randomly cease to function. I first discovered this issue during a horde night when I didn't respawn at my base (in a POI), instead respawning about a kilometer to the south in undiscovered wasteland. I then proceeded to get eaten by a zombie bear before the horde made it to me again.


In the two more recent games, I noticed that my bedroll became inactive for some reason. I had my base in another POI, so before going in and clearing again, I threw down a new bedroll in the street since there are dogs in the overrun base.


My third and current game, I've decided to use both the bedroll and the land claim block, thinking that bedrolls become inactive due to some unknown game feature, and land claim blocks won't.


Well... I was wrong. My current base now has two inactive land claim blocks, and I've had to pick up and reset my bedroll 4 times so far. Luckily, the POI hasn't had its residents respawn again.


I've tried searching the forums and the wiki. I might be missing something, but would someone please tell me this is a bug or a new game mechanic?


Edit: Thank you for moving this thread to a better spot, wasn't sure where to put it!

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This happens regularly to me in my single player 17.1 game and in my cooperative 17.1 game with my wife. Start or join game, no Bedroll icon on the compass, base full of re-spawn. No clue yet on how to reproduce. Has happened when logging out both near the Bedroll and far from the Bedroll. Base has always been a PoI.

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