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7 days to die survival guide on youtube


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Hello guys,


So i created on YouTube, under my YouTube name of "sage of games" a playlist detailing some simple survival tactics for 7 days to die. Please, hop over to YT, give the videos a view and let me know what you guys think. Dis I miss something? is there something that would be more effective done differently?


Know that all my videos are done in single player, as I think that is the hardest way to play it as its impossible to effectively survive spec-ed into a single thing. Like, what good does it do to be a combat specialist if your stuck using level 1 clubs?


Anyway, anything you think needs to be included, please let me know and I will do a video about it. Just know that if its something that requires i be facing the horde on day 98, I'll have to actually get a save file to that point, which is easier said than done as my saves usually get ruined around day 57 by object null reference errors. But who knows, maybe my current save will be the lucky one.


Anyway, here are the links to the 4 videos i made.


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