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Disconnected While Joining Friend's Server


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Every time I try to join my friend's dedicated server I get put back to the main menu and this shows when trying to rejoin:



Server Disconnected You: Kicked by EAC: (ClientAuthenticationFailed) EAC Temporary Server Ban (expires in 15 minutes)



I've not been able to join the server since it's gone up because of this. It's on a large-ish map (not sure how large but the map download is quite slow) and anywhere from 10% to 80% of the way through it downloading the map, the game just returns me to the main menu with no warning, and the previously stated message will pop up for the next fifteen minutes. Then it'll do the same thing once the "Temporary Server Ban" is over.



I've tried doing the following:


-Verifying the game cache

-Restarting My 7DTD, computer, and having friend restart the server

-Running the game without EAC on

-Running as admin through the .exe in the game folder (EAC and non EAC)


Any help would be much appreciated.

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