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Xyth's DMT Bandits Mod

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I updated the NPC mod last night to link to the creature pack but I want to test this morning before pushing it. It will require the humancreaturepack and the 2 Sphereii dependencies as before.


Im not yet sure about my plan for the wandering traders. I will sort that next.


Well, I do hope that wandering traders will function as before. I've noticed that someone complained about something regarding Wandering Traders in this Creature Pack and from what I understood you actually disabled them or something? Well, I don't know, but I hope that whatever happened it will not affect the traders in DMT version, I didn't have any problems with them. I mean sure, when these new characters went too close to the trader base, it could cause a lot of trouble that I reported back in SDX version, but I already figured out how to play with these mods to avoid running into these issues, so I'm kinda happy with it as is. It's not perfect, but that's expected anyway because it's a mod so I do expect bugs and various sacrifices if I want to play with these mods.

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Try using the Creature Packs with the latest 0-SphereIICore. I'm doing some development work in there to better support them. There could be more bugs using the 0-SphereIICore, but new functionality is rolling out for them, so it should be expected.


Could you please give me the link? I know you have several channels and I never know which one would be the best for this or that situation lol

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Thanks and... I couldn't help but notice that you have some rather interesting new stuff there too... I guess work in progress? Is there some documentation where I could read about it, at least some short info?


Various works of progress. Some information is here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?103783-sphereii-s-DMT-Mods


You can ask me questions on that thread, rather than this one.

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