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Created a new world in 17.1 b9. All I get are areas FULL of water works (with the water tower) and water works with the tower completely made of iron blocks. In area of one town there were 5 water works next to each other. Go to another area of that town and there are 6 more water works. There are also too many playgrounds (the colorful pois) and fire stations. Each town has a setup similar to this and I have yet to see a POI completely dedicated to pop n pills, tools store, shotgun messiah. I have found only 1 pop n pill attached to another building, 1 tool store attached to another building and 1 shotgun messiah attached to another build. I'm on 8k map and found 5-7 towns so far. Also too much wasteland!


On another note, I'm on day 52 (GS > 200) and 98% of air drops so far are CANNED food! I need ammo, mods or beakers or something useful this late in my playthrough.


RWG seriously needs some fixing.

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Lol. Someone hasn’t been reading the forums.


I only read a couple threads here and there. Don't have to time browse dozens to hundreds of pages of posts. Searching narrows it down but it's still tough to find the discussion that you're looking for. So where is this info (thread/subforum)?


Edit: Never mind, found the discussion in 17.1 b9 bug reporting thread.


- - - Updated - - -


They're fixing it.


Also, we turned air drops off after day 24 or so. No thank you to canned food and a half-broken level 1 gun!


I leave it on so I can get beakers. Have only found 1 so far and need a second one to make a chem station. No luck finding a working chem station even with traders.

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