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World Height - hard coded?


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Hey all, I tried searching the forums for answers, but I sucking at googling :)

I built a REALLY big prefab, up to the 255 block limit. The only way to load it in is at bedrock. If I try from ground level anywhere the top of the prefab gets cut off.

My question is, is the world height adjustable anywhere? I built this in the editor, and I was hoping that I could load the prefab in and have it complete, even if I couldn't work on it in-game.

Older posts I've found (A14 or so) indicate that it might be due to the chunk size being 16x16x256, but that's a bit beyond me.

So I was just wondering if this is doable?



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World height is up to 256, there are 3 depth of bedrock at the bottom, and 1 depth of unavailable block at the very bottom and top of world.

So there are no way to spawn the prefab larger than 251 atm.


Here is small modlet to ensure terrain elevation as 3. I hope this help your testing.




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