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Team Job Planning for Sharing XP Efficiently.


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"Tank" Player 1 Gets Str, Melee, and Mining Skills.


"Ranged" Player 2 Gets Perception and Lucky Looter and other Per Skills.


Tank mines, gathers building materials and builds bases.


Ranged Loots, which means they open all untouched boxes and scraps agreed upon low level loot. After clearing the building or area of Zombies.


(If you have trust issues, can't help you:upset:)


This helps balance the levels. After level 100+ when you have built the Gyro-copters and have all consumables production covered then you can build up the alternate Stats. This has worked perfectly for me and having a GREAT time.


Just a Kro-tip based on Alpha17.1.



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you didnt cover who gets the int skills :p


I did forget that, didn't I. The answer is both, but you split the production.


Tank gets Hammer/Forging, Grease Monkey, Chef.


Ranged gets Science, Science, Engineer and Physician.


Both get Charismatic Nature. But these are just agreed upon preferences.



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I play with my husband and as he has not so much time to play we have split our jobs:


I put my points in Int, Schience, Engeneer so i can craft the good stuff

After that i put points in better stamina so i could mine/harvest better.


My husbands job is killing and looting - so he puts his points in the weapon skills and Strenght.



I only go outside for crafting and scaventing the rouads - and only kill zombies at daytime when they are roaming the streets.


Quests/POIs, Hordenight we do only together.


So when alone i repair out Base, the Hordenight Platform, farming trees and rocks for wook, lead, Nitrite, Coal - we make Hordenight outside our base


I do all the cooking, chemistry, workbench, cement mixer and forge things - and put the materials in the chests.



This wokrs well for us - he has fun with questing/Pois exploring/Hordenight and i do the neccessary unloved stuff when he is at work in RL .

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