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Can someone make for me a modlet or code to create new particle effect on Zombies.


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So I have some cool ideas out there but I am looking to see if I can add additional effects to chose from with my plan to add power up pills to the game. Basically if you look at buffs there are two effects you can cause to zombies. One is catch them on fire, the other is to electrocute them. I am seeing is someone can help me or create for me new particle effects to zombies. One would be an acid spash. Other options I could work with is radiation like visual effect, or freezing or bleeding out. if you ever played around with Ring of Fire. You know it is kinda fun to wipe out tons of Zombies all at once with fire. if you don't believe me check out Jolly's Ring of Fire. Now my plan is also to incorporate a very cool idea that is out there by one Guppycur. This one is called Cop Acid Sytem. Click on the names to follow the links.


So My plan is taking the idea Guppycur has for select zombies to drop a new item and adding other zombies to this idea, and incorporating their items into new recipies for pills that give you these temp powers, like the ring of fire that Jolly brought back to life. His was a fun idea by giving you the power after eating a special chili dog, LOL. I am already finishing up the Ring of Shock that does the same as ring of fire but with electricity. These things are just fun to watch.


So if anyone can help me with new effects like acid splash, or freeze, or radiation, or bleeding out, I can use the the item dropped by Guppycurs modlet into an acid power up, and create more for other items.


hopw this made sense and I am keeping my fingers crossed someone out there can help me

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