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A17 Fast XP Gain + Live Map + Way More


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New Map (1 25 19) - A17 Super Fast XP Gain + Live Map



PVE, No Cheating!


Backpack Drop Only is ON

Kills Strangers Only is ON


Fiber 100 up / down connection, but limited to 10 players for now.


No need to say a bunch of nonsence in a long post... this has been kept very vanilla and clean.

No tele abilities with bot man etc, but first 10 people get a free jeep so drive home.


Here is what this server altered from vanilla, but feels like vanilla should have been out the box (imho...)


UI Mod Stamina etc

Way More Z Loot Drops


Very Short Nights


For the first 24hrs server is online, 1 Free Jeep for first 10 people (nothing else, plenty of loot from zombies, run them over at first you will see loot drops).


Live Map:


Does not show players, but does show zombies and animals when you log into it using steam ID.

Use live map on a second screen or a laptop. Most servers are too uptight to have live map at all. There are no admins to mess with you, or interfere with anything other than to give you a jeep when you log in if your one of first 10 players.

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Free Jeep offer ends by midnight.


Everyone complaining grind is too hard now, and that zombies don't drop enough stuff. Both not an issue here.


Also, that nights are too long vs A17 blood night difficulty. Nights are short here can survive a blood night np it lasts only 2 in game hrs.

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