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Basic crafting experience


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Not sure if supposed to get XP for crafting the basics at beginning of the game, ie stone ax, campfire, plant fiber clothing, etc. I am running 3 SMX mods for graphics and bigger bags. I have also edited the Entities.xml file to increase time before dropped loot disappears. I don't get any XP for crafting things now, but my brother who runs same mods and edits on his Entities.xml does get XP for crafting things. It used to be I'd get some XP for crafting, and if crafting multiple of same thing the points would dwindle down to nothing after crafting multiple of same item.


Just wondering what's up, searched for answers before posting this but found nothing that helps.




EDIT: I believe brother's game was a continuation of Alpha 17.0 Stable as he didn't start a new game when 17.1 came out.

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