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A wristwatch with an alarm


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Sometimes the rush of finding loot or reaching yet a farther away point of interest may make you lose track of time.


I propose a new item which the player could config to ring at a certain time everyday - say, 40 minutes before the 22h mark, or some time in the future - like 24 hours before a blood moon.


The watch wouldn't take inventory space (how? Don't ask me), as to motivate its usage.


I'm planning on trekking to the nearby derelict city for a few days, and looting it clean, and I was thinking that some sort of ingame alarm would be awful helpful reminding me to run back home for the blood moon.

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So like Dying Light had?


I'd be down. Especially one for the blood moon. I'm terrible about taking on a T5 clear/fetch quest that takes multiple game days and having to haul ass back to base and prepare with little time.


Dying Light had one? Never played it, but it's on my wishlist.

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