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Mod to reduce numbers of radiated zeds


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Ive done some googling and im not seeing a direct way to tone down the numbers of glowing zombies. Ive seen references to mods that substitute one type of zed for another or mods that slow progression - Im not trying to remove radiated/feral zombies or slow progression. I just want the numbers of ferals and greens to be far less than they are now (im lvl120 with GS 400 or so). Im fine with lots more zombies to help fill the void.


Is there a way to just reduce the numbers / proportion of radiated and ferals at higher game stages?



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The file you want is entitygroups.xml, if that helps.


What *I* would do if I were so inclined (sorry, I'm not) is:


Highlight the gamestages from 1 to X, where X is the number I do NOT want to see radiated's in, and Copy, but KEEP IT SELECTED.


Go to a new tab, Paste.


Search/Replace the word "radiated" with "" (a blank) to remove ALL of the words radiated.


Copy the entire thing.


Go BACK into the original tab and paste over what you just copied.

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