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Diesel and Large Generators & fuel overhaul with fluid storage & pump system


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Ability to craft diesel fuel, Large generators (like those V6 truck engines) that are able to rev up and down as the power requirement varies, also able to use less fuel.


A system where you have a 10 Liter Gas can or large storage which you can build for storing gas and then be able to build a pump line inside your base where you just fill up your gas if your car is parked near and you can upgrade the pump speed with a jockey pump and electricity! Instead of just consuming thousands of gas cans. (this idea makes me get goosebumps)


Gas tanks of Augers, Vehicles, Generators, etc, should be a basic capacity with the possibility to be upgraded. Turbo chargers for more power output. Upgrades for efficiency.


It opens up for a dynamic consumption system that compensates for the constant running and refilling problem and instead consumes at a rate more understandable ex: the gas tank consumes it's own fuel capacity at a rate of 0.1 Liters per use/per second. Also connecting a generator to a custom built large storage keeps you from needing to refill it every few minutes and you can instead just use large 25 Liter bottles to refill the main fuel tank supplying the base and extras. Also in addition to that you can add a manual fuel pump that extracts fuel from cars instead of all the other parts. A spawned vehicle should then after like 50 liters prompt that that vehicle's fuel tank is empty as it has pumped gas from the car's tank to bottles in your inventory.


I love dynamic features.

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8k in Machin facilities Funding


Machin, Ont. Ontario is working to support cities and get people moving by investing in new transit and road infrastructure projects in the Municipality of Machin.


Kenora MPP, Minister Greg Rickford announced today that Ford lawmakers is investing close to $8,000 in a transit and road commercial infrastructure projects in Machin by nominating them under the Public Transit girls from philippines stream and Rural and Northern stream of the Investing in Canada commercial infrastructure Program (ICIP). Are working closely with our municipal partners across Northwestern Ontario to support community infrastructure that will improve the lives of families and organization, menti one d Greg Rickford, MPP for Kenora Rainy canal. "I am hopeful the federal government will move quickly to approve this funding so the Municipality of Machin can get moving on these important projects,


"The transit projects announced today promise to make a real effect in people's lives, defined Laurie Scott, Minister of infrastructure. Public transit creates stronger-hitting communities. It helps people spend less time commuting to work and home, And more time doing what you love with those they care about most,


The projects are now with the government for final funding decisions as they are reviewed for eligibility under the ICIP program. Some projects could begin on one occasion Fall 2019. If okayed, The nominated projects will be eligible for total funding of more than $15.3 million from the federal, Provincial and municipal authorities.


The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program is a federal provincial cost sharing program that has up to $30 billion in federal, Provincial besides other partner funding over 10years. Ontario's share per project chinese girl will be up to 33.33 percentage or about $10.2 billion spread across four waters: 1. Rural and northern, 2. Public transit, 3. yellow, 4. community forum, Culture and activity.


The Rural and Northern in take specific to road, passage, Air and marine structure in rural and northern communities with populations under 100,000 everyone.


earnings of 144 road, brdge, Air and marine commercial infrastructure projects have been nominated to date under the Rural and Northern stream.


The second intake of ICIP applications was for transit projects in cities outside the GTHA. Funding is allocated to transit systems based on a municipality's or municipalities' share of total transit ridership in Ontario as per the 2015 Canadian Urban Transit Association Fact Book. This allocations based funding model was set by government entities. The Province has nominated 144 transit infrastructure projects from 42 municipalities outside the GTHA under the Public Transit stream of ICIP. More nominations within this intake will be announced later this year.


at July 22, 2019, Ontario publicised that until October 24, cities inside the GTHA can apply for funding to support new transit projects under the Public Transit Stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. house elevators additional intakes will be released when available.

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