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Zombie Cream


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I am trying to create an item for my mod which acts like an ointment that makes the player virtually invisible to zombies for a short while, making it possible to stealth through an area filled with sleepers. I call it Zombie Cream. Modding in the item and the recipe are easy enough, but I can't get the effect that I want and wondered if anybody knows better than me how to do this. When the item is used, the following buff is triggered:


<buff name="buffZombieCream" tags="drug" icon="ui_game_symbol_stealth">
	<stack_type value="duration"/>
	<duration value="60"/>
		<passive_effect name="LightMultiplier" operation="perc_subtract" value="0.99" />
		<passive_effect name="NoiseMultiplier" operation="perc_subtract" value="0.99"/>


What I *thought* this would do is lower the visibility and sound from the player by 99% for a short bit. The perk From The Shadows does something along these lines. But in daylight the zombies just see me like they always would. Any ideas how to do it right?

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Follow-up! This actually did work, once I upped the effect a little and crouched while it was effective. Then I could literally walk right up to a zombie and it wouldn't notice me. As soon as the buff wore off then they went back to normal. Yay, Zombie Cream!

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