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Dealing with a cheat


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Hi all. I have a question about how to deal with someone that may be cheating on my server. Jeeps and Gyrocopters should not be available to him and yet he's managed to acquire them. Is there a way other than cheating stuff into the game for a player that is under level 60 to acquire these items? And if there is a way of cheating them in without having admin access is there a way to disable this. Additionally at his low level he's 1 shotting nearly everything. I know there are perks that can be bought to do such things but can they really be aquired this early game? Just to be clear, he's only ever on when we play, so this is literally once a week for about 4 hours every week. Unless he's able to log onto the server, Play, and roll back the time to before he logged in (i don't think this is possible) he should not be able to do such things.


How is this possible, and is there a way to deal with it other than a ban? If have to ban him I will. But if there is another way around that, id like to know what it is.

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Observe him.

Copy his Character savegame and the region with his base within


Make singleplayer the same seed

Import his Charactersave and rename it

(Or backup your own char make a copy of his char and rename his copied char to your char)


Then check his char and base and look for explanations. (offline you can destroy his crates and he will never know)



So far only explanation i have is that he plays a twink.

Means he could have a second account with a higher Character that unlocked all this stuff and build it, and now he use the high level stuff with a low level char. (what would explain why he can fight soo good) Char 1 = Pure Crafter and Builder. Char 2 = Pure fighter


Before you ban simply ask him

First friendly and he dont answer demand a answer

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