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Accidentally deleted World folder


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Hey guys, wonder if anyone can help me out. I want to start of by saying "I know, I'm an idiot", so let's get that out of the way.


While deleting old backups of my current world from my server, I wasn't paying attention and somehow accidentally deleted all of the files for my current world. The server is still running and working fine, so I'm assuming everything is still loaded into RAM, at least the important bits still are.


Now I used Shift+Delete to remove the folders completely, so they aren't in my Recycle Bin. I've tried the built in Windows 10 "Restore Previous Versions" and other backup features, but unfortunately I don't have any of that activated so can't restore anything that way. I've also tried several programs from the internet but they were unable to find any copies of deleted files in order to restore them.


My only other idea is to attempt to somehow copy or download the World files directly from the RAM of the server, but not sure if it's even possible. I have tried simply re-saving the world from the Console, but it's not regenerating the files. Is there anyone that knows if this can be done, or another method someone can suggest that I may not have tried ?



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I actually found a way to fix it. When trying to save the world via the console, it was saving the files in my appdata\roaming folder. These files still weren't enough to relaunch the server as they were missing map data. So I regenerated the world using the original seed and server name to get the map data back, then copied the saved game data back into the newly generated world and it loaded up fine with no loss to anything that I'm aware of yet.


Some of this may be common knowledge to people who run servers all the time, but just thought I'd post an update in case it's able to help anyone at some stage.

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