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Alpha 17 mods collection


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Gday everyone!


I'll be adding my SDX 0.7.3 and later Mods here for Alpha 17:


Download from GitHub: https://github.com/TormentedEmu/A17-7DTD-SDXMods


[table=width: 600, class: grid, align: center]


[td]Mod Name[/td]

[td]Short Description[/td]




[td]Fixes an NRE when logging in during the Create Player stage[/td]




[td]Changes the Activation Label and Tooltip font to AgencyB to allow Japanese Kanji to be displayed[/td]




[td]Stops the console from popping up after an NRE and taking away control from a Player forcing them to end task the game[/td]





If you have any comments, suggestions, improvements, bugs, please let me know here or on Guppy's Discord server.



There will be more mods to come in the future so look here for any updates.



Cheers! ^_^b

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