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PVP with base protection and weaker RAD Zs


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Hello all, we're currently looking for like minded individuals to join us in our Dedicated 24/7 PVP/PVE server.


This server has been tuned with the following objectives:

1- Online and Offline base raiding protection

2- Radiated zombies have been significantly nerfed: Rads have the same HP as Feral zombies

3- PVP keeps us on our toes when online.

4- Experience per level reduced by 15%

5- Server will remain on stable version 17.1


Main rules:

  • Kill on sight is allowed
  • Do not exploit, dupe nor use any glitching or unintended use of in-game mechanics like breaking bases with vehicles
  • No unnecessary griefing please



The server is on Navezgane as the random generator is generating crap at this time.


The admin team is willing to listen to suggestions that further improve gameplay.


Server for 16 players but will be expanded in the event it gets full during peak times.


connection info:


contact details: perfectserver87@gmail.com




70 min days with 18h daylight per day

100% Loot Abundance

7 Days Loot Respawn

100 Block Landclaim

Drop all on death, nothing on log off

Difficulty on Default

Land Claim - Online & Offline INFINITE

Share XP Range : 500m

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