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Suggestion for wider (melee) weapon selection in the game


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Okay, the game's in grounded in crafting and skills. At the moment, the diversity of weapons per skill group is too limited. I'll be talking exclusively of melee weaponry. Disclaimer: this is not post calling for mAD KaTAna$ OmG.


Suppose you're an enthusiast of the Heavy Metal perk, which favours "heavy" melee weapons (which are those anyway? The Wiki is vague about it ). You'll be able to get the Sledgehammer or the Iron Fireaxe only after building your forge, which requires the Hammer and Forge perk - . Your heavy hitter character will only take form after some time, which is frustrating (or is this intentional? maybe the devs don't want you to wield "heavy" weapons early, even if it be a heavy crude bludgeon).


What I want to suggest here is inclusiveness through diversity of weapons for all play styles. I'll be borrowing suggestions from another survival game, Rust, for weapon options.


"Light" melee users are favoured by the Flurry of Blows perk and, early on, have access to clubs, in special the Reinforced Club. But late game are limited to the Machete, which clearly favours speed and slashing damage over blunt damage and consequently is quite puny for its cost (Forged Steel). Some suggestions for iron/steel work from Rust: the salvaged sword, the longsword and the mace. In Rust it's a 2 handed weapon; here it would be lighter.


"Heavy" melee users are not considered at all early on, as you can't craft anything "heavy" with wood and scrap metal (or stone for that matter). This badboy would be a good addition, consonant with the scavenger mindset of the early game. An even simpler suggestion would be a big stick with a rock tied at the end; a good headbasher during the first week. A heavy native american

would also be great, and fitting for Navezgane. For a nice selection of heavy weapons, albeit most forged in iron or steel, see Assassin's Creed


Also, one class of weapon that is conspicuosly missing is the spear - they would offer striking distance over speed and would be great for striking through holes, bars and slits. The role of the spear/pike/halberd could be tied to either the "light" or "heavy" sides; spears and pikes would be benefitted by the Flurry of Blows perk, and halberds (hell, even sarissas) to the Heavy Metal perk.


Anyway, this is what I think. If the game lets you choose your playstyle via perks, the game should provide to it through gameplay, eg weaponry. If this is too much hassle, scrap the perks and bunch it all in a "melee" skill.

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I am hoping for more weapons (both melee and ranged) in vanilla as well. Some swords, spears, maces, some more modern assault rifles. Maybe a "bayonet mode" for firearms that would increase dmg if zombie would be 2 blocks or closer to you. Right now you can add weapons using some mods, there are several good ones. Maybe/hopefully in a18 ...


And yeah, I need a shotgun axe! :D lol

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