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A17/A17.1 (b9) Lag or Freeze Issues Single Player


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Every 10 seconds or so riding my minibike, sprinting or even walking there is some type of lag/freeze in the game. If I am near a building and the zombies are spawning in, the lag is really bad until they spawn. I am in the desert and went into the city and could hardly move for the lag. Every time I tried to shoot or turn the game would lag/freeze for a few seconds really bad then I could move. Moving wasn't great either as I moved like I was warping or something.


Happens anywhere a zombie spawns in. I stayed at the Motel Eight for my 7 day horde night. I had to clear out the rooms and I could tell every time a zombie spawns in. The game lags/freezes. Happens just walking around in the desert as well.


I am playing single player, no mods running the game SLI. Same issues when I ran on one card. Happened on A17 and A17.1 (b9) release.


System Specs:

Asus X99-E WS (Intel X99 chipset)

Intel i7-5960X CPU (Water Cooled)


(2) EVGA GTX980Ti Classified ACX 2.0+(SLI)

850 EVO Pro OS & Game SSD drives

SeaSonic Platinum Series 1200W PSU

Windows 7 x64 SP1



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One thing I have noticed is the vehicle manager save every two minutes in game is causing a freeze. Not all of my problems but a huge chunk of it. Is there a reason for this action so frequently?


This issue is a game changer for me. Should not be happening on my system. :(




Do we really need the vehicle save every two minutes?



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Just a side note in case the OP did not know. Unity does not support SLI, so only one of your 980's is being used. I have two 1070's and forcing SLI in either mode kills the framerate, so I play 7 Days in single card mode.


SLI works fine. Both cards share the load with no issues and I keep 58-60FPS constantly in game except when the vehicle save happens and the game locks. I've run SLI since early A16. I can see the usage on my graphs and it does work.


Side note I did try running A17 with one card to see if SLI was the problem and I have the same freeze issues with one card as well.

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At the top....

d3d11: D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_1 not-recognized (only 11.0 runtime installed?)

Looks like DirectX needs to be re-installed.


Also, Sephiroth is right about SLI. Using it will have a negative result at this time.


I have directX 11.0 installed. That line of code is from Unity trying to run 11.1 and defaulting to 11.0 per the Unity forums. If you look a few lines down you will see the log showing what I have installed.


As for SLI I stated earlier I have this issue on a single card as well. Game doesn't run any different using one or two cards. The Unity engine will see SLI as one card and handles it just fine.

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