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Ui png and overlays


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Is it still possible to use custom images as backgrounds for windows? You used to could do something like this a few alphas ago and it doesn't seem to work for me at least the way I'm trying. Anyone added anything like this for A17?

	<sprite depth="1" name="background" pos="0,0" color="[black]" type="sliced">
			<texture depth="1" name="InventoryBackground" width="597" height="297" pos="3,-3" texture="@https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOFBgHG_uYPXXsgCz-3H849Alz-L5UUuYr1otZSbqGb3oum-vA9bUqNdpzK6GPNAg?key=WDV6VDViOURhMVVHOFVDUzU4YmF2cTBrVnU5bExn" material="Materials/Transparent Colored"/>


Also does anyone know if its possible to trigger a new overlay window to pop up on triggered buff?

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