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Gating Loot Based On Player Level and/or Perks?


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Is there a way to prevent certain items from spawning as loot until a player reaches x level or has x perk?


I'm wanting to make an overhaul mod that removes all schematic unlocks from perks and puts them in loot tables like the old a16 schematics.


Basically, all the food/weapon/armor/mod/crafting/etc recipes would instead be recipes you have to find as loot and you learn when reading the schematic.


The catch is that I still want to restrict certain schematics behind types of "gates" to stop it from ruining a low level character's game by making it too easy.


For example, have the anvil schematic only spawn as loot if the player looting is at least lvl 5, crucible schematic spawn require lvl 20, concrete schematic require lvl 30 before it possibly spawns etc.

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You’ll want to look at the loot probability templates at the top of the loot.xml file.


The templates are keyed off of level and maybe gamestage now (sorry, not in front of the computer atm).


Look further down in the file to see how they are then applied to specific loot groups or items.


It is possible to set a zero probability until a certain level. At least it was in A16.

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