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Questions about how 7DTD interacts with serveradmin.xml


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Hi All,


So I'm looking to do some fancy stuff with multiple server hosting on multiple towers. I have a question about EXACTLY how the dedicated server build of a17.1 interacts with the serveradmin.xml file. I know it writes the file on a new server, but here are the questions:


1.) When a new entry is made, is the file edited, or overwritten?

2.) When an entry is removed, is the file edited or overwritten?

3.) When the file is updated externally, how fast is 7dtd triggered to reload it?

4.) Are there any circumstances where the file will be replaced as opposed to edited?


Basically, I'm wanting to mirror the file to multiple servers so a ban on one is a ban on all. I've tried a few different methods to accomplish this. So far the one that really should work, but seems not to, is using hard links. Any details would be appreciated.


Thanks for your time,


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1. Edited

2. Edited

3. Nearly instantly in a17. It's not automatically done in previous versions.

4. Not that I am aware of. It might be possible if you have an error in the file such that the server is not capable of reading it.


I'm surprised using hard links didn't work. I do that for my log folders to keep the logs on a separate RAID Array.


You set the location of the admin file in the config though, so should be able to make all the configs point to the same file in a root folder.

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