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too many zombies hiding for jump scare?


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I spended 1 whole day clearing a building, there was at least 20+ zombies hiding to jump scare me in a not too big house and only like...... lets say 5 zombies was in the open sleeping.


it should be more like 2 zombies jumping on you tops, maybe rarely 3.


on the top floor (below attic) i had 6 zombies jump on me from behind down from attic, then behind the wall, 6 MORE jumped down from attic >.>

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Yes, totally overdone. The surprise should be the exception, not the norm.


I just do holes in several places in a house and try to wake them all up at the same time. I sometimes miss a few and those scare me. Those few times I miss some really surprise me, not the floor falling for the Nth time and every zombie beeing in the perfect "surprise" spot.

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Heh, maybe they could tone it down a bit, but after awhile you get used to it and start sneaking into rooms, looking above you and breaking down closet doors from a distance. It won't wake up the zeds and you can stealth headshot kill them pretty easily. However, they could of done a better job placing them because I've cleared out an entire home just to find small huddem areas under a staircase or other areas that would of been a good place to hide them. For the most part it's very predictable now. Usually the only time a zombie gets the jump on me is due to them sounding either a lot closer or farther than they actually are and misinterpreting their location. On occasion the screamers seemingly come out of nowhere and sneak up just right behind me before screaming. I hate that...

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Once you learn each POI, this becomes quite manageable as other stated.


My fav strat is to run inside, make a ton of noise and run my ass out quick! That usually wakes up the whole floor.

My other fav strat is to hack away at the walls from the outside to either wake them up without needing to go in, or if they don't wake up (usually won't if it's wood you are hacking) make holes so you can see inside and snipe the living daylights out of them.



ANYTIME YOU SEE A CLOSET OR CURTAINS HANGING (not on a window) shoot them down! Or sneak up an hack them down. 80% chance there will be a zombie hiding behind it, so if you sneak up to it to remove it, they often won't be alerted and you can snipe them.



The most dangerous trap imo are the ceiling droppers, and the floors that break when you step on them. These 2 traps are what kills me the most. Learning what POI's have those traps is pretty important, and until you do, expect to die a LOT if you go in to RAMBO up the place.



Until you learn the game more use the strat where you hack away at walls from the outside. Then proceed in carefully. Old or damaged House like to have the floors that break away sending you into hell as I call it, surrounded by zombies and no easy way back up! This is doom and you game overed. Welcome to die A-holes. At least that's what I imagine the devs saying to me when I fall in there.

I for one support their evil plans to toast us. This is how it should be, and I hope they don't nerf it for all the people complaining. But the odd chance of a poi's being unguarded at times would be nice to make it feel less scripted and arcadey.



Good luck survivors... I'll be hiding in YOUR closet, waiting for the perfect time to GET YOU! RAWR!


- - - Updated - - -


I wish they would add a play as a zombie mode, so I could harass you all in your games =<

Counter coop would be amazing in this game.

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